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When reading one of our amazing in-depth review articles, have you ever wondered who this guy that has put it all together is? How many hours did he have to put into producing such amazing in-depth content? Why is he doing all these in the first place

Well, I’ll be delighted if any of these questions went through your mind. This time, it’s no product review or comparison or how-to article. In this piece, we aim to introduce ourselves to you and tell our very own story.

Our Mission On This Site Is To Help You great products for your outdoor needs.

Z Hashan


Z Hashan is an entrepreneur and the founder of Outerguide.com. But more importantly, he’s a tool head. He’s passionate about all sorts of machines and how they work – it’s in his blood.

It started a long time ago when he was around 11 years old. His father was a machine geek too, and man, oh man, he did know a hell lot of things about tools & machines. They barely had to call a mechanic in their house to fix any machine because they had their in-house mechanic. Z was impressed by his father’s interest in and knowledge of tools, and he’d sit closely every time his father worked on a machine.

And voila! Z started to grow a similar passion for machines too. Out of that, he did ruin some things trying to pretend he was already “a pro” of machines when his father wasn’t around.

Meet The Team

Our team of writers, editors, and industry experts and dedicated to ensuring our content is current, accurate, and easy-to-read.

Irene Elpis


Calypso Althea

Writer & Mehcanical Enginner

Dana Bethan

HVAC industry Expert

Why this website?

To make your shopping easier.
Look, a person that needs to buy a pressure washer but doesn’t know anything about it is going to be stressedHe’ll see all those numbers and jargon and will not understand a single thing, let alone judging and finding the top product.
Shopping is not always a pleasurable experience, my man!
That’s the point of this website. We make outdoor tool shopping easier. We’ll tell you what-means-what in the case of tools.
We specify appropriate user groups for a specific product, so you’ll be out of shiny object syndrome.
Next time you won’t make the purchase based on – “oh wow, how amazing that product is!”; instead, you’ll be telling yourself – “hmm, so this product is suitable for these jobs and has these upsides and these downsides, so are it a good fit for my needs?

How Do We Create Reviews?​

We’ve set up a 7-step process through which we create our reviews, and that process looks like this

  • We plan what we’re going to review and exactly ‘why.’
  • We consider the top-performing & promising products of that particular product category.
  • We try to get our hands on all the considered items. We use them, test them, set standards, and analyze them thoroughly.
  • We take expert opinions from other gurus of those products. We try to talk to the local stores as well.
  • We consider the reviews of the masses to find out what the real-life users of those products have to say about it. If they talk about any particular issue of the product, we double-check that to find out whether it’s a universal fault of all of those products or a manufacturing fault for that specific item.
  • We judge the products based upon all this information and make our decision. We particularly mark which product will be right for which set of users.
  • We put our thoughts and knowledge into reviews and make it public.

What’s in it for us?

Well, you have all the right to ask, that is all this service voluntary?
Mostly yes. We do it as a hobby. As I stated earlier, we’re all tool heads, and we like discussing tools. So it’s a healthy pastime for us to try out different tools and review them – and that’s the main benefit for us.
Apart from that, when you buy through our links, we earn a tiny commission at no extra cost to you, which allows for the maintenance cost of this website, like domain, hosting, designers, etc.
This small commission is given by the marketplace, not any specific brand, and we’re clearing that out; otherwise, the question of biases might arise in your mind.
However, as I already stated above, the little commission does not cost you anything extra. Instead, it is carried out by the marketplace.

Should You Trust Us?

There’s probably no reason not to. We have the pure intention of telling you nothing but the truth and help you find the perfect tool for your needs. We have literally no reason to lie to you because we’re not going to get paid for that.
And also, if our recommendation is not appropriate and you return the product that you bought through our affiliate link, we make literally nothing out of that.
So you understand that we have all the intention to recommend the right product and make your shopping easier, right?

Our Advertising Policies

Outerguide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We show advertising on this website because we need to make a living too!

While our bias may be toward specific brands and products, rest assured that if you see us recommending something, it’s for reasons other than financial gain.

We want to make sure you have a great experience here. So if there’s anything we can do better, please let us know!

Get In Touch

We are always happy to help! If you have any questions about our services or want to contact us, please don’t hesitate. We read every message in the office and try hard to respond as quickly as possible so everyone can feel comfortable with their cleaning experience at Outerguide.

Work With Us

At Outerguide, we are always looking for qualified freelance writers who can provide us with practical and well-structured guides.

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