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The 8 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaners: Homeowners Guide

If you’ve recently purchased a house and want to make it look as best as possible, we can help. Vinyl siding is one of the best products for exterior home décor because it’s durable, easy to install, and comes in a vast range of colors.

Unlike other types of siding, it doesn’t need repainting; it doesn’t rot, crack or chip either! The best part about vinyl siding is that it gets dirty or moldy/mildewy – all you have to do is clean it with your pressure washer!

This article will share the Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner available for pressure washers so that your house will be the most pristine on the block.

What Is a Vinyl Siding Cleaner?

Vinyl siding cleaners are products that help you safely remove dirt, mold, and mildew from your vinyl siding. They’re best used in conjunction with a pressure washer because they loosen up the grime so it can be rinsed away more efficiently by high-pressure water.

How to Choose the Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner

Ingredients – Look for a vinyl siding cleaner that’s as natural as possible. It should only contain all-natural materials and no harsh chemicals or toxins.

Environmental Impact – Vinyl sider cleaners can sometimes harm the environment. So look out for products with minimal environmental impact – especially if you’ve got an eco-conscious buyer on your hands.

Formula – It should be non-foaming and work best with a pressure washer.

Application – You can apply most vinyl siding cleaners via spray or brush. Some are even designed to foam up, so they cling to the surface better for easier rinsing.

Type of Siding – Make sure the cleaner is suitable for your siding. Some cleaners can damage certain types of vinyl, so best to check with the brand before you buy!

Cost – You can find vinyl siding cleaners for as little as $15 or upwards of hundreds. Still, it depends on what ingredients and how much is included in the formula. It’s best to look for a cleaner that best suits your budget.

Purpose – Some cleaners are explicitly designed to remove mold and mildew. Others can be used as general-purpose cleaners, too – so read the label carefully before you buy!

Smell-Vinyl siding cleaners aren’t too concerned with the scent of their products since they’ll be applying it outside anyhow. On the other hand, some products have a fragrance, so you may choose one if you like fragrant cleaners.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner For Pressure Washer 

Here we will share with you the results of our research and testing. In addition, we have compared different types of cleaners, their effectiveness, and things to consider before buying.


Simple Green Pro HD

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The Simple Green Pro HD is an excellent tool for power washing. I can use it under any pressure of my washer and even dilute it with water to scrub siding on homes or buildings! 

It’s also professional-grade, so you don’t have to worry about using at-home projects around food preparation areas. This stuff works no matter where we go from here (plus, there are more efficient ways than an inefficient one)!


  • Formula-Concentrated — makes 14 gallons
  • Material feature-biodegradable
  • Size-One gallon
  • Type of siding-Vinyl, wood, metal, and more
  • Application-Apply with a pressure washer, mop, or cloth
  • purpose-Cleans eliminates grease and grime
  • Item weight-9.38 pound


Mold Armor FG503 E-Z House Wash

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The #1 choice for cleaning away mold and mildew on your house, the Mold Armor one-step wash can also scrub stains from any surface. All without having to use a high-power pressure washer!

Mold is never an appealing sight – but now you don’t have to worry because we’ve got just what you’re looking for with this product’s ability not only clean off those pesky black spots that keep coming back year after year; but also provide deep down dirt removal so they’ll be gone once


  • Formula-Concentrated — Can be diluted or used at full strength.
  • Size-One gallon
  • Item weight-9.3 pound
  • Type of siding-Vinyl, aluminum and wood siding, brick stucco, concrete, trim, painted decks, fences, and more.
  • Applications-pressure washer or manual
  • Purpose-kills mold and mildew


Simple Green Oxy Solve Outdoor Cleaner

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The Simple Green Oxy Solve Outdoor Cleaner is a non-toxic, orally safe solution that cleans your vinyl siding without using other harsh chemicals.

It’s biodegradable and approved by EPA, so you can feel good about cleaning with it when choosing environmentally friendly products for your home or business!


  • Formula-Concentrated — up to 21 gallons
  • Material feature-biodegradable
  • Size-One gallon
  • Weight-9.27 pound
  • Type of siding-Vinyl, wood, composite, metal, fabric, plastic, wicker, concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt
  • Application-pressure washer or manual
  • Purpose-Lifts dirt, grime, and stains from mold, mildew, moss, and algae


Wet and Forget 800003 Moss Mold Mildew & Algae Stain Remover

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This soap is the answer to all your outdoor cleaning needs. It can tackle anything from stone columns and concrete pathways to vinyl siding – even rigid building materials like a house! 

The non-caustic nonacidic bleach-free formula makes it safe enough for almost any surface. So you don’t have to stop at Home Depot when there’s dirt on that roof; grab some of this mildew Remover instead.

Though this product is marketed to keep your home clean and fresh, we recommend against using it indoors because of the biocide. In addition, it will remove all dirt from moss or mold. That could be hazardous if you’re not careful when wearing protective gear- including eye protection and a face mask! 

Vinyl siding cleaner is available in a 0.5-gallon bottle. You may dilute it to make a total of 3 gallons of solution.


  • Formula-bleach-free
  • Material feature-biodegradable
  • Size-0.5 gallon
  • Item weight-1 pound
  • Type of siding-house siding,decks,roofs,brick,driveways,walkways,boats,fences,RVs and more
  • Application-pressure washer or manual
  • Purpose-moss, mold, mildew, and algae removal on any exterior surface


Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover + Cleaner

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Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is perfect for the toughest stains. It contains bleach, surfactants, and lye which combine into a highly alkaline solution to tackle rigid mold or mildew problems with complete ease!

You can use it on pressure washer foaming surfaces. Still, it shouldn’t be applied where you want heavy soiling due to its high pH level, damaging latex paint finishes. It is especially true if other chemicals are mixed, like plant fertilizers nearby, because of their natural properties (bleach).

This product can be freely rinsed off and re-applied with a pressure washer. However, you should apply the cleaner by pouring it on or with a spray bottle. Your cleaning solution is more efficient in smaller areas like car interiors with fewer spills involved than outside an enclosed space or outdoor patio area. 

This particular type of gear comes pre-packaged into three different sizes: 22 oz (750 mL), 32 oz (.95 L) & 1 Gallon(3L). The dilution ratio suggests using less than two tablespoons per gallon at full strength. Still, we recommend titrating yourself according to how many surface materials need attention.


  • Formula-Concentrated
  • Type of siding-vinyl cushions, outdoor awnings, siding, gutters, garage doors, boat tops, tile, grout, bath mats, shower stalls, curtains, etc.
  • Application- manual or pressure washer
  • Purpose-moss, mold, mildew, and hard stains remove


Mold Armor E-Z House Wash

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Mold Armor is the best way to keep your vinyl siding looking new. It comes in two 0.5-gallon jugs with an adjustable sprayer attached. So all you have to do is connect a garden hose from there and turn on the water for some fast exterior house cleaning

The oxygenated bleach-based cleaner will remove tough stains while discouraging the regrowth of mold or mildew. It also works wonders on concrete patios because it’s safe enough around children and pets (so long as they don’t lick at any residue).


  • Formula-Can is diluted or used at full strength.
  • Material feature-biodegradable
  • size -0.5 gallon
  • Item weight-9.79 pounds
  • Type of siding-Vinyl, aluminum, and painted wood, stucco, concrete, trim, and more
  • Application- manual or pressure washer
  • Purpose-kills mold and mildew within 10 minutes


30 SECONDS Hose End Sprayer Outdoor Cleaner

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There’s nothing better than the 30 SECONDS Cleaners formula for tough exterior cleaning jobs. Attach a garden hose to your cleaner jug and start blasting away! It will remove mold stains in less than one minute without damaging plants or landscaping around it. 

With its fast-acting power, you can even clean second-story roofs of homes if needed by turning down more water pressure when aiming up from ground level. Hence, as not to blast dirt onto shingles above.


  • Formula-Concentrated
  • Material feature-biodegradable
  • size -3 gallon
  • Item weight-14.57 pounds
  • Type of siding-decks, concrete driveways, sidewalks, stucco, vinyl siding, brick walls, and fences
  • Application- manual or pressure washer
  • Purpose-kills surface mold and mildew 


Jomax Outdoor Mildew Remover House Siding Cleaner

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With a potent mildewcide and an easy-to-apply mix made from just water with bleach, the Jomax exterior cleaner will make your home or business look clean again.

I have the perfect solution if you’re looking to clean your vinyl siding. Just mix 2.25 cups of bleach and 1 gallon (or less) of water in a spray bottle for an easy DIY project that will leave it as good as new!

Mold can grow on surfaces in places you least expect it! The best part? This product comes in 1-gallon jugs, which means more than enough for those pesky problems waiting around every corner (and inside them, too!).

Cleaning your vinyl siding will be as easy for you or me! First, we need to apply a diluted cleaner solution onto the surface. Allow about 10 minutes of time (or less if those pesky stains refuse to budge), then rinse off with clean water. 

It is one chore that won’t take up all afternoon–and I mean, who doesn’t have enough outdoor work in their lives already?


  • Formula-Concentrated
  • size -one gallon
  • Item weight-8.6 pounds
  • Type of siding-house siding, stucco, vinyl fence, and more
  • Application- manual or pressure washer
  • Purpose-kills mold and mildew 


Vinyl Siding Cleaner Application Methods

There are many ways to clean your vinyl siding. You can apply the cleaner with a built-in applicator, bucket, and medium bristled brush or spray it on if you have a pressure washer!

Built-in Applicator – You can buy cleaners with a built-in applicator, so you don’t have to worry about mixing, diluting, or applying the solution in any way.

Manual Application – This method is best used when there’s no pressure washer available and is usually done with a bucket of water and a medium bristled brush for scrubbing.

Pressure Washing – The best way to apply vinyl siding cleaners is with a pressure washer because it does all the hard work for you! Spray or foam on the cleaner, then rinses off. 

You can find more information by checking out our best pressure washing guide here. Before Using Your Pressure Washer Checklist Use Safe Pressure Washer Techniques & Clean Up Your Mess

You want to ensure that your siding is protected during the pressure washing process. It’s best to use some barrier like a fence or plywood board (be aware that this can cause streaking).

You should also check out our best tips for safely using a pressure washer.

After Using Your Pressure Washer Checklist & Storage Tips for Vinyl Siding Cleaners

Once you’re done, make sure to wipe down the cleaner from your siding and store it properly until next time! If there are any stains left behind, best to use a simple household solution of vinegar and water.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Siding Safely?

Turn off the electricity: Turn off the power to your home’s exterior before you begin. Electricity and water don’t go together!

Start from the top down: There are tiny gaps between each piece of vinyl siding. If you work your way from the bottom up, you risk water getting inside those gaps, resulting in dampness beneath the siding. Another disadvantage is that the dirty water trickles down, so the dirt from the top will flow down if you clean the bottom first.

Protect lighting and outlets: If you’re using lights or outlets outside, cover them with a plastic bag or a protective lid to prevent them from getting wet.

Wear safety glasses and gloves: This is a crucial hint, especially if you’re using a pressure washer, since the cleaning solution may shoot back at you. Also, it’s best to keep your skin and eyes covered because many chemicals can irritate your skin and eyes.

Use a low-pressure setting: If you’re using a pressure washer, use a low setting to minimize the risk of vinyl damage.

Read Instructions: Always read your product’s manufacturer’s instructions for further information.

Why Is It Necessary to Clean Your Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for homeowners who want to give their house a cosmetic upgrade without investing in significant construction work. Because it’s accessible to clean and low-maintenance, vinyl siding can significantly improve the look of your house.

It’s essential to keep your home’s exterior looking its best. Because it helps your house look great and dirty siding can wear away the finish over time. 

Below are some of the main reasons you should make cleaning your vinyl siding an essential part of your spring or fall maintenance routine.

Warranty Protection: Cleaning Your Siding protects Its Warranty Washing dirt, grime, pollen, and other debris from vinyl siding helps prevent damage that can void the warranty.

Shiny Look: Removing Stains Helps Your Unsightly Siding dirt, grime, and stains can make your house look run down. But removing them helps restore the original beauty of your siding. 

Increase Resale Value: Removing Spots Makes Your Home More Resale-able, Even if you aren’t planning on selling your house anytime soon. Cleaning spots off of your vinyl siding can help make it more marketable in the future if you decide to put it up for sale. Stains, mold, or dirt can make your home seem less appealing to potential buyers.

Tax Credit: Today’s vinyl siding is better than ever before because it comes with features that protect the house from water damage and help it retain heat in cooler months. You may even be able to get a tax credit for having vinyl siding installed on your home. 

However, you can take these perks away if you don’t maintain them properly. With just a little effort and regular cleaning, however, you can keep your siding looking new for years to come.

Increase Durability: Keeping grass and shrubs away from your siding is vital because overgrown plants can trap moisture between the vinyl and the house, causing damage. 

Use a broom or a hand-held outdoor vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to suck up any fallen leaves or other debris from the surface of the siding. If you get regular spring cleanings of your exterior, all the debris will already be gone, making your job easier.

Wrap Up

You’ll be the star of your block when you use one of these best vinyl siding cleaners! They never noticed before, but now they want to know who “the new kid” is. 

Luckily, we have Wet And Forget Moss Mold Mildew & Algae Stain Remover. It can do everything from window cleaning to outdoor surfaces like roofs or decks.

Other great options include Mold Armor House Wash. It gets rid of any pesky mold and mildew stains. That might’ve been hiding out in those nooks and crannies waiting until someone hits return on their computer screen due to lackluster attention span. Or Simple Green Oxygen Bleach for a truly deep clean.

Don’t let your neighbors have all the best vinyl siding cleaner fun! Instead, get to shopping and stick it to them with these best products on the market today. 

It is time you get back at those kids from down the road who always jumped off of your roof before they got caught by mom or dad.


How do I best store my vinyl siding cleaners?

Make sure that they’re stored out of the reach of children and pets. If they’re stored in a metal container, best to keep them away from direct sunlight, too. It can oxidize the chemicals inside over time, making them less effective!

What Pressure Washer Should I Use?

You can use any pressure washer for best results, but it’s best to look out for one that has a high PSI (pounds per square inch) rating. You should aim for at least 2000-3000 PSI. Otherwise, you might not see desired results.

Do Vinyl Siding Cleaners Expire?

Nope! Vinyl siding cleaners are best stored at room temperature and won’t expire either.

Is it Safe to Use Bleach on My Siding?

Yes, bleach is safe for vinyl siding but best used in small quantities mixed with dish soap (or another suitable cleaning agent). Mix the solution in a bucket and scrub your siding with a medium bristled brush.

How often should I wash my vinyl siding?

It depends on how dirty it gets from the elements. If your house is exposed to a lot of dirt and grime, it’s best to clean it every year or so, especially if you notice some mold building up between the grooves.

Should I use a high or low-pressure washer to clean my vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is resilient and durable, but it isn’t indestructible. With a powerful force like water from your pressure washer, you can damage the surface of vinyl panels, causing delamination or cracking in some cases. 

In addition, it will lead to leaks around seams where rainwater gets into microscopic gaps between pieces due to tension caused by wind loading them down against each other and distortion. 

To avoid damaging anything on my property, I always ensure that 1800 PSI (or higher) isn’t used. 

What is the best way to clean vinyl siding without scrubbing?

The first option is to use a pressure washer—the force of the liquid acts as a cleaner on the siding, removing dirt from it.

If you use a high-quality formula and soak the vinyl for a reasonable amount of time, you should not need to do much scrubbing. After that, clean it off with a hose or cloth.

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