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What is a good psi for a pressure washer?

If you are asking around what is a good PSI for a pressure washer and people are making you frustrated with different answers each time, well, it depends.

You may need to clean anything from concrete floors to automobiles and whatnot with your pressure washer. The potential amount of cleaning you can achieve is much more than any other cleaning method you previously used. But the problem arises when you need to find out the necessary PSI for your desired cleaning task. Let’s say you want to know what is the recommended PSI for home use is? 

If you ask around, it can seem extremely complicated. But in reality, it is all about your priority and usage. So, let’s find out how much PSI is required for your pressure washing job.

What Is The Recommended PSI For Home Use?

If you are getting a pressure washer for merely doing some simple household cleaning chores, a decent electric pressure washer with 1500-1800 PSI is enough to get you done with it. Most home cleaning tasks do not require that much of PSI, so anything from 1500-1800 is good enough. You can clean pretty much anything from hardwood to tiles and any other kind of surfaces with a light-duty pressure washer. You might be thinking, shouldn’t I use more power and force to make cleaning faster and better? Well, it sounds good only in theory. If you plan to use 3000 PSI pressure washer on your hardwood floor, you might end up destroying it.

What About Cleaning Concrete?

While 1500-1800 PSI is good enough for a pressure washer for home usage, it is certainly not the case of cleaning the concrete. If you clean up the concrete driveway or walkway, you should consider getting a gas pressure washer. A gas pressure washer is perfectly suitable for handling extreme clean up like cleaning the dirt of concrete ground as they have significantly high PSI. So, what about the required PSI for cleaning concrete? Well, 3000 PSI is the starting point PSI for cleaning concrete. Why are we recommending so much PSI for cleaning the concrete? That is because cleaning of the concrete will require you a significantly higher amount of force applied to it. Also, it is not as susceptible to damage like wood.

What Is The Recommended PSI For Cleaning The Deck?

Before I even start with the recommended PSI for cleaning decks, I would like to establish the fact that pressure washing anything that is made with wood needs extreme care. It applies to everything from wooden floors to wooden decks and so on. So if you are planning to clean something as delicate as the wooden deck, you need no more than 1000-PSI. That, too, depends on how dirty it is in reality. It is a must to remember you can’t make the mistake of applying a higher PSI for these kinds of cleaning. It is recommended that you should start with as low as 500-600 PSI and then gradually move up to 1000-1200 threshold. Otherwise, too much pressure will end up harming the deck. If you plan to start with the most powerful pressure washer you can find right away, it might ruin it even before you even realize it.

How Much PSI Is Required For Cleaning House Siding?

You should not use any more than 1200-1500 PSI to avoid doing any damage to your house. 1200 PSI is quite enough for cleaning house and siding. So stick with a simple electric pressure washer with a PSI from 1000-1800 range because you don’t need that much of PSI for house siding, same as the cleaning of the deck. Though you can go for a bit much higher PSI, like 2000-2500 but make sure your sidings need that much pressure to clean the dirt off it. You certainly don’t want to apply 3000 PSI in cleaning something that can be done with only 500 PSI.

How Much PSI Do I Need To Pressure Wash My Car?

Ah, pressure washing the cars, and that is where I hear the most people complain. They think just because their car looks so powerful, they can use 3000 PSI or even more clean dirt off their car. The truth? You can clean it with anything from 1200 PSI to 1900 PSI. But the actual problem is when applying too much pressure on the car, you will likely damage and end up ruining the car’s paint. So for pressure cleaning the car, 1500 PSI might be all you need. You can add a bit more if the dirt is stubborn but do not go over 1900.

Final Verdict

1000-1500 PSI is generally good PSI for cleaning the house, deck, or your car, and this is honestly all you need to clean them. But if you are cleaning something that has a lot of strain like a concrete floor or driveway, you need to use a commercial pressure washer that has a PSI of at least 3000. So, what is the PSI for a pressure washer at the end of the day? Well, the answer is like we said in the very beginning, it depends. You can calculate stuff like on how hard the surface is and how durable it is, but you will need to apply some common sense as well.

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