How to Clean an Area Rug with Pressure Washer: The Ultimate Guide

How To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer?

If you are looking for a way to add life and color to your home without spending too much, an area rug might be just the thing for you. An area rug can be a great way to give your living room or bedroom that nice warm feeling when you walk in. They can also serve as a focal point in any room, bringing everything together.

However, how do you keep that new-looking rug clean? With regular vacuuming and dusting, it won’t stay pristine long enough to enjoy it! So how do we combat this problem? With the help of a pressure washer! Pressure washing is an excellent method for removing dirt from all surfaces, including carpets!

Where should I clean my area rug?

To clean your rug, you’ll need somewhere to work — one with plenty of room to soak away soapy water and avoid getting the rug dirty. Using a pressure washer indoors isn’t the most incredible idea; any clean area outside would work better. A concrete patio is the most popular place, or if you have a wooden deck, that’s even better.

Prepare the detergent or cleaning solution

Before you can clean your area rug, you’ll need to apply a cleaning solution or detergent – this is how we remove all that dirt and grime. First, ensure the product doesn’t contain any acids; these may stain your rug! If it does, mix some water with it until no traces of acid remain.

Make sure the pressure washer is ready to go

To use a pressure washer on your rug, you’ll need to have a solution that will help break up grime and dirt. First, clean the unit with warm water to ensure it is ready for cleaning. Couple this with the intense pressure of at least 1600-1800 PSI, and you’re all prepped to go!

The most crucial aspect of any pressure washer is the type of tip you prefer. It’s essential to pick a pressure washer with the right tip for your needs. Any will do, as long as you use the correct tip.

Don’t use a power tip that is too strong. To begin, test out a lower-powered and wider-spray tip. For example, using a 25, or 40-degree tip will guarantee you have adequate cleaning power to clean your carpet.

Start with a bit of distance away, but work your way in closer to avoid damaging the rug at once. Don’t use a hot water pressure washer on your carpet. A pressure washer with a 1600 to 1800 PSI rating is more than enough for this task.

Tools needed

Here are the things you will need to get your area rug clean.

How To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer

Prepare the rug for cleaning

Before you start, shake your rug until it’s free of dust and dirt. Make sure it’s dry before you can proceed to wash it! If it’s wet, spread it out in an area where no one will trip on it.

Clean the rug with detergent or cleaning solution

Start by attaching your garden hose to the pressure washer. Make sure the unit is set to “off” before making any connections! Then, grip your cleaning wand firmly and apply about 4-5 inches of the solution in a zigzag pattern over the area where you’ll be cleaning.

The pressure washer and wand should still be upright, not leaning against the rug.

Once your rug is wet with a cleaning solution, switch to “on” and let water and soap run through it for about a minute. You may also want to use a broom or a brush to agitate the solution and break up dirt.

Clean the rug with fresh water

Before you rinse off your rug, make sure it’s already soaked in soap suds. Once you’re satisfied that excess grime has been lifted from the fibers, switch back to “on” and use a strong spray of water to rinse the rug. 

You can attach a garden hose nozzle to your pressure washer if you want, depending on how strong your water is.

Clean stubborn stains by rotating the brush

If any stains are still present after rinsing off, switch back to “on” and activate the rotary brush of your machine. Clean the stained area using a strong jet of water, and it should be good as new.

Clean the pressure washer after use

Once you’re finished cleaning, detach the detergent and pressure hose from the pressure washer and flush out any clog residue. Next, clean with soap or brush off any grime that’s clinging to the machine.

How long do rugs take to dry?

After you clean it, leave your rug out in the sun for a couple of hours and then allow it to dry. This process could take up to three days, depending on how much water is left inside after rinsing. It also depends on how humid or windy the weather conditions outside are.

Pressure Washing a Rug: Do’s and Don’ts


– Make sure your appliance is in safe working order.

– Clean both sides of the rug. The bottom side usually contains more dirt and grime, so make sure you get that too!


– Don’t pressure wash rugs on carpets or any other fabric – this could damage the fabric fibers.

– Don’t let your rug dry outside in direct sunlight – this can fade the color and cause some pretty bad fading.

– Avoid leaving your rugs or carpets outdoors after washing them to prevent any mildew from forming.

– Make sure you have good ventilation when cleaning with a pressure washer.

– Don’t use too much pressure when cleaning your rug, or you could damage it!

Here are some rugs that should not clean with a pressure washer

  • Oriental Rugs: Rugs made of delicate fibers, such as Orientals, may be harmed by a pressure washer. If you only need to clean the surface dirt and debris, you can vacuum them; however, call an expert if you want thorough cleaning.
  • Natural Fiber Rugs: These fibers are damaged by excessive water. You don’t want to pressure wash it since it would harm the threads.
  • Wool Rugs: Rugs made of wool are also delicate. For cleaning instructions, please look for the label or owner’s handbook. Steam cleaning is usually a safe procedure; you can perform it at home or hire someone to do it for you.

Don’t take the chance if you’re unsure whether the rug will survive a pressure washer. Instead, get in touch with a professional.

Detergents for Rug Washing

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Recommend pressure washer for a cleaning area rug

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Final Verdict on How To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer

The pressure washing isn’t a quick fix – it can take several hours of agitation and scrubbing to get your rug clean. If your rug is worth the effort, though, you should go for it! Cleaning rugs with a pressure washer is an excellent method for removing dirt from all sorts of surfaces.


Why do I need a pressure washer to clean my rug?

You don’t have to have one, though it helps. For example, cleaning your rug is more effective when you use a pressure washer because of its intense force of water. The high-pressure jet stream can break down stubborn dirt and grime without ruining delicate fibers or damaging the rug itself.

How much does cleaning an area rug with a pressure washer cost?

It will depend on how big your rug is, what kind of machine you use and how many people are helping. Cleaning with a pressure washer should take around two hours, so the cost should be about $100-150. 

How do I clean my rug after using a pressure cleaner?

Use your regular vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dirt or grime that’s leftover after cleaning, then shake it out into your garden. You can also use a brush to get rid of any dirt that’s stuck to the fibers, then be sure to fluff up your rug with your hands!

Can I use anything else besides a pressure washer?

Absolutely! Pressure washing is usually the best option because of its intense force of water. Still, a high-pressure hose nozzle will work just as well. Cleaning solutions and detergents are also great ways to get rid of dirt if your unit isn’t prepared for pressure cleaning!

What areas should I clean with a pressure washer?

You can use this method on any area that has a dense pile, which means that you should try to clean it on a lower setting if your unit has adjustable levels. A pressure washer is also effective for cleaning dirty basement floors!

What’s the best way to clean an area rug?

Sometimes, it’s better to get professional help. For example, pressure washing is the most effective method for removing dirt and grime. Still, you can also get help from professionals if you want to avoid damaging your delicate fibers. 

Cleaning rugs aren’t usually included in regular carpet cleaning, so call around and ask about prices!

What kind of machine do I need to clean an area rug?

You’ll need either a pressure washer or a high-pressure hose nozzle to get the most benefit from cleaning rugs. Cleaning solutions and detergents can also help. 

However, we recommend that these be poured directly onto the dirtiest parts of the carpet. Then left for a while before getting scrubbed off.

What tips should I remember when using a pressure washer?

Saturate your rug with water before starting the cleaning process thoroughly. It is more effective if you’ve already soaked it in soap suds or another cleaning solution beforehand.

What kind of rug can I clean with a pressure washer?

Pressure washing is effective on most types of rugs, so you shouldn’t have any trouble! However, cleaning experts recommend using the lowest setting possible to avoid damaging delicate fibers. 

This method should be ideal for wool, cotton, and synthetic fabrics. It is the most effective method for getting rid of stubborn dirt!

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