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Guide to the 7 Best Portable Pressure Washers – The Ultimate List (2022)

One of the most frustrating parts about pressure washing is lugging around all the equipment. You need a powerful pump, a super long hose, and loads of storage space if you want to get any work done! But, if this sounds like your life, I have good news: Portable pressure washers are here!

These innovative machines are easy to use and efficient while still being powerful. Best of all? Some are even cordless. This roundup will provide an in-depth look at some of the best portable pressure washers on the market so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly!

What are Portable Pressure Washers? 

Portable pressure washers are smaller units than other pressure washers and need less storage space. The power output of portable washers is similar to regular electric pressure washers. Still, they offer more mobility because they weigh between 9 to 20 pounds (lbs). 

Portable power cleaners usually provide between 100 to 2000 PSI, which means they can produce around 0.5 to 2 gallons per minute (GPM). In addition, some portable units can work with cold water, while others are designed to use hot or warm water.

Cordless Pressure Washer 

A cordless pressure washer is a relatively new product in the industry. It is also usually more expensive than other types of power cleaners. However, many people prefer cordless models because they are easy to use. 

Still, one disadvantage that these products have is their limited amount of time per charge, which can be as short as 20-40 minutes on average.​

Cordless pressure washers are usually powered by rechargeable batteries that can be recharged using an AC or DC power source. Still, it would help if you remembered that cordless models need to stay near a power outlet while charging. 

Another downside of this product is its short hose length which means users will have to keep moving the unit around while washing.

Corded Electric Pressure Washer 

A corded electric pressure washer is usually cheaper than other types of power cleaners, and you can use it anywhere you want as long as there’s an AC outlet nearby. This product has a limited range due to its short hose length, but it is usually lightweight and easy to use.

Corded electric pressure washers are usually powered by an electric motor directly connected to the pump, which means you can’t control water flow or spray direction. On average, corded models produce around 2000 PSI and 1.5 GPM, but this power output varies depending on the model and brand.

Gas pressure washer 

A gas-powered pressure washer is usually more expensive than other power cleaners. Still, it has the highest water flow rate and one of the most extended hose lengths. You can use this type of product for a more extended period due to its long run time, and it doesn’t require expensive electricity bills to run. 

Still, the noise it produces might be too loud for some users. Gas-powered models are usually fueled by gasoline or diesel, and they have around 2000 to 3300 PSI and 3 GPM.

The Best Portable Pressure Washer – A Buyer’s Guide 


Weight is another factor to consider when you are looking for a portable pressure washer. If the unit is too heavy, it will be harder to use on stairs or other uneven surfaces, so look for something easy to carry around and maneuver without sacrificing power output.


The PSI and GPM ratings indicate the water flow rate of a pressure washer, so you should always check them before buying to avoid malfunctions. Most models produce around 1500 PSI and 1.5 GPM, but this power output varies depending on the model and brand.

Some are around 100 to 200 PSI; others can reach about 2000 PSI.

Price & Warranty 

As with any other product, price is another factor to consider when looking for a portable pressure washer. Most gas-powered models cost around 400 while electric units start around 100. 

Mobile battery-powered models usually have the highest price tag. Still, they also offer more mobility and extended run time compared to other types of power cleaners.

Most manufacturers will provide warranty protection with their products, so you should always check their website or contact them directly to find out more about it. 

It’s wise to look for a pressure washer with at least two years of warranty coverage so you can get repairs if something goes wrong within the first few months after purchase.


The size is critical for two reasons. One, you’ll be carrying it, so make sure you can do so. Two, you must store it somewhere. Do you have enough room for it? Examine the dimensions to see if they’re big enough.

Battery Life

Battery life is a factor with cordless units and something to consider before buying a portable pressure washer.

The best types of pressure washers are those that have at least 30 minutes of battery life per charge, which means you’ll be able to complete several tasks without the need to stop and recharge.

Power source

There are different types of power sources for Portable Pressure Washer. The most common ones are electric, gas-powered, and cordless battery-operated models.

Additional equipment

In addition to the handheld pressure washers, you might need other items for a thorough cleaning job. These include different nozzles and quick-connect tips so you can adjust your power cleaner to varying types of surfaces. You might also want a soap dispenser or a water heater to make the cleaning job more manageable.

Here is a complete list of all add-ons you can consider when shopping for a pressure washer: extension hose, metal wand, rotating nozzle tips, different turbo nozzles, and scraping blades. Cleaning brushes are also helpful because they allow you to clean hard surfaces without harming them in the process.

Upsides of Portable Pressure Washer 

Portability– You can take this thing anywhere. The best part is a cord does not tie it down, so you are free to work wherever there is an outlet/water source.

Lightweight– can be carried by hand or on a stand.

Cost-effective (cheaper) – costs less than $200-$300, not as expensive as other electric pressure washers. More affordable than gas washers but is limited with water supply and power source.

Downsides of Portable Pressure Washer 

Expensive – Although the initial investment might be higher, using a powerful pressure washer is much more cost-effective than hiring multiple people to do it for you.

Low battery Life – Another downside of portable electric models is that they usually have less run time than gas and cordless ones. Still, if power isn’t an issue, this should not matter too much.

Low Cleaning power – Another drawback is that they usually produce less cleaning power than gas and cordless models (although this depends on the brand).

Poor value for money – If you’re looking to use a pressure washer daily, an electric model might not be the best choice because of its high initial cost and lower cleaning output. Otherwise, they are a viable alternative to gas-powered models.

What is the best brand of Portable Pressure Washer?

The best brands on the market include Karcher, AR Blue Clean, and Briggs & Stratton. These manufacturers offer high-quality products that will last for many years if properly maintained. When you’re ready to buy one, make sure you compare all the top models on the market to find one that best suits your needs.

What else should I know about Portable Pressure Washer?

If power isn’t an issue, then electric pressure washers are a great alternative that will save you money in the long run because of their low operating costs and minimum maintenance requirements. 

Keep in mind that you must also consider the weight of these devices because they are usually heavier than other types.

What Can Be Cleaned With Portable Pressure Washer? 

Here are a few examples of surfaces you can use your pressure washer to clean: outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, steps, and driveways.

Outdoor Furniture – Throwing a party with a BBQ is what I plan on month ends, and my patio furniture is bound to look clean. It’s sure to get words of praise from friends. How wonderful do I feel? 

Lawn Equipment – I have a lawn mower and trimmer; both are dusty after a week. And on weekends, they make my backyard look like an abandoned place where no one has lived for years. Then, come Monday morning, the task begins with me cleaning up again, which is not fair to myself or anyone else in this world.

Steps & Driveways – No matter how high my house is, I can’t escape the fact that dirty stairs lead to it. Keeping them clean takes effort and time; not everyone’s cup of tea for sure! But with outdoor deep cleaning tools like pressure washers, all this hassle goes away instantly without much effort.

7 Best cordless battery powered pressure washer

Here are the reviews of the 7 Best Cordless Battery-Powered Pressure Washers. They are used to swiftly clean cars, outdoor equipment, walkways, patio furniture, and other things. These pressure washers are ideal for little cleaning chores and may be readily moved to the worksite.

1. BERGWERK Cordless Power Cleaner – The safest portable pressure washer

Last update on 2022-01-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Overview: The Bergwerk Cordless Power Cleaner is a compact and lightweight but powerful pressure washer.

The Cordless Portable Power Cleaner is ideal for cleaning outside spaces like patios, gates, benches, outdoor furniture and equipment, bicycles, motorbikes, automobiles, steps, and swimming pools at home.

It’s also a fantastic option for RVs. Best suited to getting dirt off of such things as camping gear when there isn’t enough water or an outside water connection is unavailable.


  • a Spray Gun
  • a 20 FT. Hose
  • 2x Filters
  • A Battery Charger
  • A Rotatable Nozzle
  • An Extension Lance
  • 2x40V Lithium Batteries
  • 6-in-1 Multi-Function Nozzle
  • A 9.14 OZ. Soap Bottle


The unit comes with two 40V rechargeable batteries, which provide enough power for outdoor cleaning. In addition, this portable unit has six different modes, 0 degrees, 20 degrees tilt direction, 40 degrees, foam jet, and shower mode. 

It can create variable pressures for various cleaning tasks. In addition, the cordless washer comes with a rotatable (180°&360°) Spray Nozzle for the inside of the wheels or roof area you need to clean.


It’s important to remember that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It can’t handle all of your cleaning needs. Although its PSI of 520 is not as high as high-pressure washers that reach 3000 psi, it isn’t comparable!

2. Varsk Cordless Pressure Washer -The best small portable pressure washer 

Last update on 2022-01-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


The VARSK cordless power washer is the best solution for you to clean your car and motorcycle daily without worrying about whether there will be enough space or not. It’s convenient and easy to use.

The VARSK cordless power washer is the best solution for you to clean your car and motorcycle daily without worrying about whether there will be enough space or not. It’s convenient and easy to use.

This product has a wide range of uses, whether cleaning your car or motorcycle, home exterior walls, floors, stairs, windows, or swimming pools. With its multifunctional design and multiple functions, you can easily switch between different modes without any hassle.


  • Pressure washer machine
  • 20V 4.0Ah battery
  • 2.0Ah charger
  • 6-in-1 spray lance
  • nozzle with detergent container
  • 20ft Suction hose with filter basket
  • Mesh storage bag
  • 13L Collapsible bucket


The VARSK cordless power washer is the best solution for you to clean your car and motorcycle daily without worrying about whether there will be enough space or not. It’s convenient and easy to use.

 It can produce a pumping drop of more than four meters, and in regular use, the water can be discharged within eight seconds. Quickly clean outdoor home surfaces, garden furniture, cars, stairs, and pool dirt.

Humanized design The 20ft hose with filter basket is designed to effectively and deeply filter impurities, particles, waste leaves, sludge, etc., better protect our pressure machine. 

Compared with traditional washing machines, the cordless power washer is lighter and more portable, making it the best choice for outdoor camping and long trips.


 It is a low-pressure, handheld pressure washer with 380 PSI than other small pressure washers. As a result, this machine is ideal for a range of minor tasks but not for big ones.


3. ROCKPALS Cordless Pressure Washer – Best for car cleaning

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 ROCKPALS Cordless Pressure Washer is a powerful pressure washer that is just about lightweight and easy to use. With this cordless power cleaner, you can do the cleaning tasks effortlessly with our high-pressure water gun at your fingertips.

This portable cleaner machine is operated by a 40V Lithium battery(included) or AC adapter (not included). 

The washer’s pressure is maximum at 0.75MPA, and the water inlet pressure of the machine is 200L/h with an output rating of 40V-2500W(Max). With ROCKPALS [PORTABLE CORDLESS PRESSURE WASHER] – Max870PSI/60MPa working pressure, you can do cleaning tasks easily and quickly.

What’s in the box?

  • Rockpals Pressure cleaner machine
  • 40V Lithium battery
  • adjustable 6-in-1 nozzle


ROCKPALS Cordless Pressure Washer offers a lightweight design of about 11lbs with a 19ft hose for easy storage and portability. It features the adjustable six nozzles: 0°, 20°, 20° slant direction, 40°, foam jetting & shower mode or 0° heavy flow. In addition, we also provide a 180° rotatable jet pipe.

The product comes with auto and eco working modes: Automatic mode is for fast water jetting while economical mode offers a lighter cleaning mode. Also, our battery pressure washer features a safety lock that prevents it from operating when locked.


 If you’re used to a 3000 PSI pressure washer, an 870 PSI cordless one might be a bit of a shock. It isn’t as powerful as normal ones, so keep that in mind.

The battery lasted us about 30 minutes per charge, which is reasonable. However, if you want to complete several tasks simultaneously, this may disrupt the rhythm.


4. WORX Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner – best for handheld

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The WORX Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is a fully functional water pressure cleaner that makes it easy to tackle the mess around your home. It weighs 11 pounds and has an ergonomic handle so you can easily maneuver from place to place as well as clean those hard-to-reach spots without breaking a sweat.

This particular model is an excellent choice because it’s easy to use, lightweight, and compact.

This product has many great features and is very easy to use, making it a must-have for any homeowner who wants to tackle those dirty areas around the house! WITH ITS ERGONOMIC HANDLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN, the WORX Power Share Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner makes it easy to move around the house. 

It’s also mighty for its size, making this an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pressure cleaner that is easy to use!

What’s in the box

  • Worx Pressure cleaner machine
  • 4-IN-1 multi-spray nozzle
  • 2-Amp Dual-Port Charger
  • Long Cleaning Lance with 4-in-1 Nozzle
  • 20-foot Draw Hose
  • Quick-Connect Adapter


This machine is lightweight and compact. You can use almost any water supply with this pressure washer. Attach the supplied hose to a body of water or a bucket, and you’re ready to go. It allows you to transport the product anywhere!


Unfortunately, this cordless battery-powered device has a limited battery life of 15 minutes per charge. As a result, it may be inconvenient if you have a big project on your hands.

It’s best for light cleaning because it has only a PSI of 450 (which is excellent for handheld gadgets, but not so great overall).


5. Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer – Most Portable

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This product is a multipurpose sprayer that you can use in several ways. It has a water pressure of 130.5 PSI and works with batteries or an included cord for power.

The Ivation Multi-Purpose Washer is a lightweight, all-in-one portable washing machine that may be used as a standalone device.

Even if a power cord or water hose is unavailable, the Vantage Multi-Purpose Washing Machine has a built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery that allows you to produce a water spray.

What’s in the box?

  • One removable water tank, 
  • One hose, 
  • One spray gun, 
  • One power cord, 
  • One charger, 
  • One brush head, 
  • One showerhead, 
  • One adjustable shoulder strap, 
  • Four sealing rings, 
  • One manual.


This device comes with two nozzles: one 0-degree nozzle, which provides a gentle stream to wash delicate items without damaging them, and one 40-degree nozzle, which offers a more powerful stream for tougher messes.

It is lightweight at only six pounds and has wheels attached to make it easy to transport around the house or yard when cleaning up after your pets or projects involving dirt or grime.


 Unfortunately, this product doesn’t have a long battery life since it only runs for 15 minutes on a charge.

It’s best for light cleaning because it has only a PSI of 20 (which is excellent for handheld gadgets, but not so great overall).


6. Sun Joe 1160 PSI Cordless Pressure Washer – The highest capacity

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Nothing beats a pressure washer when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your house. You can remove stains from concrete, stubborn dirt from floors and walls without using too much energy or water. 

40V / 600-Watt motor generates up to 1160 PSI and 1 GPM, making it ideal for light cleaning.

A unique, top-loading detachable bucket design allows for quick filling with freshwater or connection to a garden hose for continuous usage.

The self-priming pump delivers superior performance and simplicity of use. At the same time, ion’s unique pressure control technology allows you to select the proper pressure for each cleaning job, from siding to sidewalks to porch and patio furniture, and more.


This machine is perfect for light-duty jobs like cleaning The cabin, deck, boat, RV, or a host of chores around the house. It has four quick-connect spray patterns: 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° soap. Its attachments tackle light, medium, and heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Besides, it has a powerful 600-watt motor that generates 1160 psi of maximum water pressure. 


There’s no place to store the attachments.

7. Mrliance Battery Power Washer

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This battery-powered cordless pressure washer has a variety of attachments, so you may move them between jobs as needed. It creates more versatility when it comes to cleaning.

A battery-powered cordless pressure washer with various attachments allows you to alter the attachments according to the job at hand. As a result, it creates more versatility when it comes to cleaning.

It has a PSI of 960, and the maximum GPM is. Not only is this portable due to its lightweight, but it’s also cordless! 

So you’ll be able to quickly go about your yard to do all of your chores with minimal effort. It comes with six nozzle options, so you choose the correct model for your task and save time and water.

It is not suitable for heavy-duty but has a lot of pressure behind it compared to standard pressure washers.

Technical Data

  • Charger Voltage/Frequency:110V~ 60Hz
  • Charging Current: 700mA
  • Charging Time: About 3 hours
  • Rated Voltage:40V Max
  • Max Pressure:960 PSI
  • Maximum Water Inlet Pressure:70 PSI
  • Height of Water Suction: Max 1.2 Meter Typical
  • Operational Weight: About 2.6 KG


It’s a cordless and lightweight device with a maximum pressure of 960 PSI and six nozzle variants.


This device is not for heavy-duty operations.

3 best corded portable pressure washers

1. Sun Joe SPX1000 

Last update on 2022-01-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


 Sun Joe SPX1000 is a brand founded in 2009 that produces eco-friendly power tools for the household and garden industry. This brand is renowned for producing reliable and long-lasting pressure washers.

Sun Joe SPX1000 is an electric pressure washer designed for light to medium-duty tasks. The engine can deliver up to 1450 PSI at a maximum water flow rate of 1.45 GPM, weighs only 11.70 pounds & comes with accessories such as a 20 feet extension hose, a 33-inch spray wand & an adjustable spray nozzle.


The Sun Joe SPX1000 stands out among its competitors because it weighs only 11.70 pounds & delivers high power; this unit can provide up to 1450 PSI at a maximum water flow rate of 1.45 GPM. The unit is suited for medium-duty tasks, rare among portable pressure washers.


It does not have a detergent dilution mechanism, and it has a short hose.


2. Sunpow Electric Pressure Washer 

Last update on 2021-12-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


It’s our favorite among the top electric pressure washers. Unlike some other portable electric washers, this one has enough power to work with regular pressure washers.

In addition, the lightweight yet durable construction is perfect for working on doors, windowsills, and other hard-to-reach places. 

This pressure washer includes a 1500-watt motor capable of generating 2000 PSI. It’s also surprisingly quiet. So long as your commercial endeavor involves cleaning something, this will provide outstanding outcomes.


This pressure washer has many great features for convenience and safety. It comes with a 35-foot long power cord, so you don’t have to worry about the distance. 

In addition, it has a pressure washer gun with an ergonomic handle and adjustable spray tip, so you have complete control over the cleaning power. And as we mentioned before, its IPX-rating is IPX-05 which means that this will be safe to use around water and resistant against water jets.


Because the pressure is a maximum of 2000 PSI, this is a strong option for residential jobs. However, if you’re taking it to a commercial setting, it’s better for small jobs.

What’s in the box?

  • Pressure Washer
  • Spray Gun
  • High-Pressure Hose
  • Detergent Tank
  • Right Angle Nozzle
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle

3. Sun Joe SPX200E 1350 PSI 

Last update on 2022-01-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


The Sun Joe SPX200E is a pressure washer created for cleaning tough stains from unpainted hard surfaces and painted and weak areas. This unit is ideal for light and medium-duty cleaning jobs.


This unit is ideal for light and medium-duty cleaning jobs.

The Sun Joe SPX200E costs around $90 and is among the most affordable pressure washers on the market. In addition, this power washer is so lightweight that the manufacturers didn’t add wheels to the plastic frame.

This power washer is so lightweight that the manufacturers didn’t add wheels to the plastic frame. The Sun Joe SPX200E can deliver a maximum pressure of 1350 PSI at 1.45 GPM. This unit has an adjustable spray wand and comes with an excellent price-quality ratio.


  •  There is no detergent dilution system.
  • Not suited for a foam cannon attachment.

What’s in the box?

  • The Pressure Washer Unit 

Portable Pressure Washers Maintenance

Like any other power cleaners, portable pressure washers require regular maintenance to work correctly. In addition, they need their filters cleaned regularly, which is usually an easy process. Still, it can take some time, depending on the model you have bought. 

Portable pressure washers are also more prone to damage than other power cleaners because they are less durable and easier to carry around or use in smaller spaces.

Portable electric

Portable electric models are usually powered by an AC motor that you can damage due to overheating if the unit is used for a long time. This type of pressure washer also needs its pump oil changed once or twice per year, depending on how often you use it. 

Most electric models are made from plastic and metal. However, they should still have solid construction because they will most likely be dropped or mishandled.

Cordless battery-powered

Cordless battery-powered pressure washers are usually made from plastic and metal. Still, they don’t have any moving parts that can break easily. However, battery life is limited with most models, so you should always watch the charge indicator to avoid malfunctions caused by a drained battery. 

Some cordless models are made with rechargeable batteries that are easy to replace when they can’t hold a charge anymore.

Corded electric models need their pump oil changed every 50 hours of use, but the rest of the maintenance tasks are usually more manageable than other types of power cleaners.

In addition, the moving parts in this pressure washer aren’t exposed as much as in different models, making them less likely to get damaged.


Gas-powered pressure washers need their filters cleaned regularly, and some of them might require the motor oil changed once or twice per year, depending on how often you use it. 

This type of product also needs its fuel tank emptied after every 20 hours of use. Still, most gas-powered models are made with durable metal parts that can withstand years of regular service.

Wrap Up – Best Portable Pressure Washer

There’s no need to go through the hassle of a traditional pressure washer when you can use a portable one. One of the best things about them?

They are cordless and easy to carry around, making it easier than ever for people who want their cars cleaned or decks and patios scrubbed clean without any fuss. 

We have compiled a list of some great options below so you don’t waste your time looking around at other websites. You won’t regret getting one!


What are the things to consider when choosing a cordless pressure washer?

Make sure to look for essential features such as the maximum pressure (in PSI), number of pressure settings, number of nozzle settings/attachments, battery power and recharge time, and motor strength.

The following are just a few secondary elements: different characteristics, free attachments, bucket volume, brand, and warranty.

How often will you use your battery-powered pressure washer?

The answer is, “It depends.” A battery pressure washer may be required by an American household at least once a week, in addition to special projects like vehicle washing and cleaning on the patio. Because he owns a garage, the owner will have more consistent usage.

Which brands are reliable for cordless pressure washers?

Some of the best cordless pressure washers are Greenworks, Karcher, Worx, Ryobi, DeWALT, and Sun Joe. For more recommendations, check out the list above.

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