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What size pressure washer for 2 story house?

What Size Pressure Washer For 2 Story House?

Well, cleanliness is a necessary action that deems the essential attention or else, airborne and pest that lurk in the dirt will develop. Hence as a homeowner, it is apparent that dust will accumulate on your siding, grim, and grit over time, and to give them a new and impressive look will need to conduct a thorough cleaning with the right washing machines.

Dirt accumulation in your house makes it have a dirty look, which acts as the best breeding site for the bugs and other parasites such as mites. Nevertheless, to carry out a well-done washing using hosepipes, dusting, and scrubbing, much time will be spent, and you will not evade back aching.

The best solution for washing a two-story house it’s solely a pressure washer.

How to Power Wash a 2 Story House

To carry out a fulfilling task of washing using a pressure washer, keenly follow the following easy-to-do steps:

Step 1

Firstly, ensure that all the doors and windows are closed. This step will ascertain that your electronic machines and other furniture will not be water splashed.

Step 2

Prevent your plants in the surrounding. Your purpose of pressure washing is not for your garden shrubs and plants to get dripped from the cleaning solution. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that a plastic covering is above them.

Step 3

Yark your cleaning Solution. Ensure that you prepare your cleaning solution by mixing 3-part water and 1-part bleach to get an exceptional detergent solution. This cleaning solution should get poured into a tank.

Step 4

Put together the components of your pressure washer. You will need to join the end of your garden hose pipe with the inlet of your pressure washer from your water supply tank. Then, ensure that the hose pipe that connects a pressure washer to the spraying gun gets well connected to the pump’s outlet.

Since you are washing a two-story house, an extension wand will be necessary. Thus, connect your extension wand with your spray gun and, at the terminal of your wand, connect the surface cleaner of your pressure washer.

Step 5

Lastly, ignite your pressure washer and kickoff the cleaning. However, cleaning should be done in an orderly manner, from up to down to prevent dirt and grime from marring to your already cleaned surfaces.

What Size Pressure Washer For 2 Story House

What Size Pressure Washer For 2 Story House

Having the “right-size” means possessing power pressure with the required amount of power and pressure output to carry out a thorough cleaning of a 2 story house. Washing a 2 story house is not an easy task, hence the suitable pressure washer for this task is gas-powered pressure which has a heavy-duty engine.

Gas pressure which has a high GPM rate tends to similarly have a high flow rate which increases the rate at which you’re doing your washing. These power pressure washers deliver above 2800 PSI at 3-4 GPM. Electronic power pressures may as well do the washing but it will take a bit longer to complete your task.

Cleaning a 2 story house is an energy-intensive task that can only be done efficiently through the use of a heavy-duty, gas-powered pressure washer.

Best pressure washer for 2 story house

Simpson MegaShot

This power machine has a Honda GC190 engine to offer a reliable power source. The gas pressure washer has a whooping of 3200PSI using 2.5 GPM that makes it the best choice for a 2-story house.

It also has a welded steel frame, which is heavy-duty and tires that are 10-inch pneumatic to ensure maximum stability. The MegaShot has a 25-feet hose, reliable OEM pump, and ergonomic gun for spraying. It as well has 5-nozzles for connection that are steel made.

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Generac SpeedWash

This gas pressure produces 3,200 PSI at 2.7 GPM. It is user friendly, and it allows the user to make adjustments to the power pressure created to 4 settings between 2000 and 3200 PSI by just turning a knob. It is well designed with an upright structure that makes it possible for storage purposes.

Generac Speed wash has an orange covering that helps in suppressing the noise that it produces; hence the purchase of earplugs becomes optional.

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Sun Joe SPX 3000 Electric Pressure-washer

When it comes to maintenance, Electric pressure-washers are manageable- as there are no oil changes- only proximity with an electricity source. This electric pressure-washer delivers 2030 PSI at 1.76 GPM. The device has been designed to carry two detergent tanks and possess 5-connect nozzles to aid in ensuring you carry out all types of cleaning.

The Sun Joe machine comes with a 20-feet hose pipe that is high-pressure, an extra 34-inch wand extension, a power cord measuring 35-feet, and a garden hose adapter. Two different detergents can be store the two distinct chambers and switching from one to another by just dialing a switch.

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Tips on How to Power Wash a 2 story House

Tips on How to Power Wash a 2 story House

• Make sure that you carry out cleaning from the downside as you move your way up. It is essential, especially while using a detergent cleaning solution to prevent streaking.
• While rinsing your cleaned part, make sure that you start from the upward side to the downside and standoff a few meters away to avoid soaking yourself.
• To ensure that you don’t cause any damage to your lights or any other accessories, always adjust the spray pattern to minimize the cleaning energy power.
• Always maximize your pressure spraying pattern to propel the detergent solution to reach high points of the house.

Final Verdict

The best pressure machine for a 2-story house is Simpson MegaShot delivering 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM, making it the best ideal choice.

Happy cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to pressure wash a 2-story house?

Using the right pressure washer machine takes approximately two hours to carry out a thorough cleaning of a 2-story house.

Is power washing bad for your house?

High pressuring washing can be disastrous to your wall and the wall paintings. However, that does not imply that pressure washing should not be applied. The right thing is to understand your surrounding and then know the amount of pressure to apply.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a two-story house?

Many considerations are put in place to arrive at the cost of pressure washing a 2-story building. A ladder or a scolding is a serious consideration, even if you have a powerful machine. It may cost roughly $785 after putting all factors needed into account.

How often should you pressure wash your house?

It is a difficult task to determine how often you’re your house needs a pressure washing. But by having a glance at your home may tell whether it needs washing. If a lot of dirt attaches itself to the surface of your house and looks dirty, make an appointment to do a thorough cleaning.

What is the average cost of pressure washing a house?

The average cost of carrying out a pressure washing to your house is $280

What is soft washing a house?

Soft washing is technically an excellent method of cleaning by the use of low pressure and applying specialized solutions to remove bacteria, algae, mildew, and other organic dirt from the top of the roof and other exterior walls.

How do you power wash a three-story house?

The method of power washing a 3-story house is similar to that of a 2-story house only that a more powerful pressure machine with a longer pressure hose is put into use. 

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