The Best Foam Cannon (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Looking for the best foam cannon for pressure washers? If you’re someone like me who is desperate to keep his car neat and clean, you must be looking for one.

Yes, pressure washers are more available to the mass people these days but it won’t cut by itself. When we facilitate the washer with something like a foam cannon, that’s when the magic happens. A cannon would help you to cover your car with the foam produced from your favorite car wash soap and get rid of all the stubborn dirt.

But if you’re new to this tool, you must be wondering which model will be the right pick, from this vast options. There are numerous manufacturers and models, some of which are gems whereas some are absolute trash.

Let’s find the best foam cannon together.

Best Foam Cannon Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Dusichin Foam Cannon

The Dusichin Foam Cannon is our number 1 pick for the list of best foam cannons. The reason behind that is – It does what many expensive soap cannons can’t do yet it’s very competitively priced.

Do not let it fool you by the price, it offers much better performance compared to what it costs.

It’s a heavy-duty soap cannon that has a capacity of 33 oz (1 liter), which can fit enough solution to cover at least 5 cars with foam. The ¼” quick disconnect adapter lets you connect and disconnect frequently.

The connectors are made of high-quality brass for longevity and a firm connection with the pressure washer.

With the Dusichin Foam Cannon in hand, you’re on the drivers’ seat. You get to control how much thick you want the foam layer to be. There’s a soap mixture knob that lets you choose whether it’s going to be more water & fewer foam bubbles or less water & more foam bubbles.

Not only that, but the adjustable spray nozzle also lets you pick the pattern you want: water column pattern or fan pattern. All the control is in your hand when you have the Dusichin Foam Cannon.

This cannon requires your pressure washer to have over 1000 PSI pressure and 1.2 GPM, keep that in mind.


  • Offers a lot of adjustabilities.
  • Quick disconnect adapter.
  • Durable.
  • Competitively priced, amazing value for money


  • Tend to not pull soap in a few cases.

Twinkle Star Foam Cannon

The twinkle star foam cannon is quite identical to the Dusichin foam cannon: it’s inexpensive yet works great.

The twinkle star cannon has a capacity of 33 oz too. You can say this is the standard capacity of most foam cannons. You get the ¼” quick-disconnect adapter to connect and disconnect easily.

The connectors again are made of brass for a firm connection. The bottle is made of high-quality see-through PA that is not going to break soon.

However, this model has a few changes, positive ones. It offers you more adjustability than the Dusichin model. It comes with an additional 5 nozzle tips that allow you to spray at 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, Soap-degree patterns.

This makes this cannon suitable for versatile uses. You can foam wash other things too with this cannon.

The soap mixture knob is there that lets you decide the thickness of the foam you want. The cannon can disperse thick foam up to 20 ft upon getting the correct water pressure from the pressure washer.

That said, a pressure washer with 1000 PSI pressure and 2.5 GPM is needed for this cannon to perform best.


  • 5 adjustable nozzle tips.
  • Versatile usage possibilities.
  • Value for money.


  • The male connector seems to throw challenges at times to connect with Pressure Washer.

TriNova Foam Cannon

TriNova’s foam cannon is my third pick for the best foam cannon for pressure washers.

The manufacturer claims that their foam cannon is premium than other cheap cannons and I don’t disagree with them. Their foam cannon do cost a little more than cheaper cannons, but I think it’s worth it.

When we talk about premium products, it’s always the small things that are well taken care of in them. Those little details create a difference in user experience.

Take the TriNova cannon for example. Do you hate it when your cannon keeps tipping over with the slightest unconscious push or a gentle breeze? I do.

Barely any other manufacturer took such a little thing into concern but TriNova took it seriously. They’ve redesigned their cannon and made them wider in the base – problem solved. A little fix, but a greater relief for the user, and that’s what premium products are all about.

Not only the base, but they’ve included a wide neck too. A common problem with foam cannons is a broken neck because that is where the most pressure is applied. That issue is addressed in the TriNova foam cannon with the wider and stronger neck.

Not only that, but this cannon also works great with any psi pressure washer. Other cannons seem to require pressure washers with a minimum mentioned psi to work properly but this one does not. And it’s quite easy to use as well.

The premiumness is felt on the bottle too. It’s made of excellent materials so feels sturdy and promises not to break any soon.


  • Wider base & neck.
  • Made out of premium material all over.
  • Supports washer of any psi.


  • Costs little more than generic foam cannons.

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

Another value for money product in my list is the MATCC adjustable foam cannon. Again quite a similar product to the first two cannons that I recommended – inexpensive and does what it’s supposed to do.

This one is a 1-liter cannon that does not need to be filled fully to do your sedan or SUV. The ¼ quick connect is there for convenience. However, you want to check your machine before you purchase because not every garden hose fits.

The connectors are made of high-quality brass that makes for rustproofing and durability. The bottle seemed pretty well-made too. Well, not the best it feels, but neither the worst.

Adjustable soap mixing knob is in its position to let you decide the thickness of the foam by controlling the ratio of water & soap. The adjustable nozzle lets you choose the spray pattern: cylindrical or fan. Just the standard stuff you expect in a foam cannon, nothing groundbreaking.

This cannon will be a good fit for other deep cleaning tasks too. You might wash your motorbike, floor, windows, roof, driveway, and whatnot. Note that this cannon requires a washer with 2.0 GPM & 1000 PSI pressure to work properly.


  • High-quality brass.
  • Suitable for all sorts of deep cleaning.
  • Offers you the adjustability you expect.


  • The bottle tends to tip over, a little imbalanced.

Tool Daily Foam Cannon

The tool daily’s foam cannon offers what we all desire – premiumness at low cost. I’m not sure how they do it but their cannon does feel more premium than I expected for its price. Oh, by the way, the cannon costs similar to as much as most other ‘inexpensive’ cannons.

Except for the bottle, all other things on this cannon are brass and it feels great. The plastic of the bottle felt sturdy too. As far as build quality is concerned, this foam cannon from ‘tool daily’ certainly punches above its weight.

And that is probably the reason why this cannon can withstand 4000 psi with ease. Washing with this cannon when you have a high-power pressure washer isn’t a problem thus. Rather, the capability of withstanding high-pressure will make it easy to wash with this cannon.

This is a 1L soap cannon that comes in a see-through bottle. The standard ¼ quick connect plug is present there.

Another surprising thing about this cannon is the 5 extra nozzles that come within the package. The nozzle pack includes 0° (red), 15°(yellow), 25°(green), 40°(white), 65° (black) nozzles. The 65° one is made of brass while the others are made of stainless steel. The extra nozzle pack is as high-quality as the cannon.

This wide range of nozzles makes this cannon versatile. You can either have a strong jet spray coming out of that 0° nozzle for stubborn dirt or wide fan spray coming out of the 65° nozzle, or anything in between with the other nozzles. It makes for various uses of the cannon.


  • Premiumness in the budget.
  • 5 extra nozzles make it suitable for various uses.
  • High-quality brass.


  • The nozzles tend to wear out upon being used in hard water

Chemical Guys EQP_313 TORQ Professional Foam Cannon

If you have some extra cash to spill and you want something great in return, I can recommend the TORQ EQP 313 professional-grade foam cannon to you.

To be frank, this costs way more than most other mainstream soap cannons but there’s a reason why so many people have bought it and overwhelmed it with positive reviews. This cannon is considered to be one of the best foam cannon for electric pressure washers.

This bad boy features the industry-first thread lock insulation system which is a very own piece of tech from Chemical Guys. This mechanism helps to prevent the bottle from wear and tear which is a common problem for mainstream soap cannons.

Not only that, but this piece of tech also helps to create the perfect airtight seal between the TORQ body and the soap canister. Thus, a great blend of air pressure, soap, and high-pressure water is maintained to produce the richest foam.

It features an advanced air injection system that ensures the adequate supply of oxygen to create the thickest foam. And, with all the tech in place, this cannon produces the thickest and richest foam.

The overall package is made from the finest material that you could expect in a soap cannon. The corrosion-resistant brass is there to last till eternity. The UV-resistant bottle ensures that no matter how long you keep it under the sun, the neck won’t crack.

And the cannon is forgiving when it comes to your pressure washer, as it works with pressure washers of any PSIs.


  • Innovative tech in place.
  • Made out of the finest material.
  • Produces the thickest foam.


  • Expensive.

Fasmov Foam cannon

After an expensive suggestion, here’s another value king for you. The fasmov foam cannon has overwhelmed its users with the performance it provided against their expectations from such an affordable cannon.

I’ve recommended quite a few similar products that are priced in the budget range but work great, yet I just couldn’t avoid the Fasmov’s cannon. This cannon is amazing at producing a crazy volume of foam from a limited amount of soap.

It looks like just another affordable soap cannon out there and has got the standard features like the 1/4″ Quick Disconnect Adapter, Brass-connectors, 1-liter container bottle, and so forth.

The freedom to control the suction of cleaning fluid stays there. And you still can adjust the spray angle by adjusting the nozzle.

This build quality is on par, not bad neither great. Built out of decent plastic, it will serve you for a fair amount of time.

Overwhelmed users of this cannon claim that this cannon performs like a 50$ cannon in terms of volume and thickness of the foam, and I think I positively agree to them.


  • Produces a lot of foam for a minimum amount of soap.
  • Features all the standards.
  • Inexpensive yet works amazing.


  • Build-quality is not the best I’ve seen.

McKillans Professional Grade Foam Cannon

If you want the best of both worlds and are looking to spend something in between the price of a premium cannon and a budget cannon, you’re in for a treat. The McKillans foam cannon is great for people having a pressure washer of low GPM.

Just like the Fasmov’s foam cannon, it produces foam that you expect from a more expensive cannon. But the even better news is, the quality issue has been taken care of very well in this unit from McKillans.

If I want to categorize it with similar cannons, this will fall in place with the TriNova’s cannon. Being similarly priced, both the cannons work quite similar as well.

It’s a semi-premium foam cannon with performance and build-quality being quite close to a premium model. This standard foam cannon has got all the standard features that you’d expect.

However, this cannon separates itself with the build-quality it offers for the money. Being made out of thick and strong translucent plastic, this cannon is expected to last years after years. The high-quality brass easily withstands high water pressure.


  • Works great with pressure washer of low GPM.
  • Produces nice & thick foam.
  • Better-built for the money.


  • The bottle thread tends to leak air sometimes.

Chemical Guys ACC 326 Torq Foam Wash Gun

No pressure washer? No problem, when you have the ACC 326 Torq foam wash gun in hand. When you don’t own a pressure washer but still want to give your car a foam bath, this is what you need, a foam wash gun.

This gun works with any standard garden hose. However, do not expect to have such a powerful jet spray like a pressure washer provides, but that doesn’t matter that much anyway.

All that matters is covering your car with a thick layer of foam and the ACC 326 foam wash gun gets that job done nicely. You need to connect your hose with the gun and pull the trigger to start foaming.

The gun can hold 32 ounces of cleaning liquid at once. Chemical Guys do not compromise on build-quality since they’re known as a premium brand, and the 326 is no different, being made of out strong translucent plastic.

You can still control the concentration of the foam with the knob to match the degree of dirtiness of your car.


  • Works without a pressure washer.
  • It helps to prevent swirl marks with lubrication.
  • Good build quality.


  • It does not produce as much thick foam as a cannon that works with a pressure washer.

Blisstime Snow Foam Cannon

Last but not the least, the blisstime snow foam cannon to sum up the list of best foam cannon. This is another inexpensive standard cannon that is great at doing its job.

It has got the standard 1-liter cleaning fluid holding capacity. The bottle is made of good quality plastic and it felt sturdy. However, it’s not the most well-built bottle so do not put it through too much stress.

The connectors are made of high-quality shiny brass though. It felt premium and looked amazing.

The adjustability features are there. You can control the concentration of the foam and the pattern of spraying as well. The cannon burst out thick and delicate foam.

A standout thing about the cannon is that it includes chenille microfiber car wash mitt as a gift. It is a great bonus to have and saves you some bucks – a great complimentary gift to serve its original purpose in the best manner: cleaning your car.


  • Produces thick and delicate foam.
  • It comes with a car wash mitt.
  • Inexpensive.


  • It does not produce thick suds when pressure washer recommendations are not met.

Foam Cannon Buying Guide:
How to Choose the Best Foam Cannon for your needs?

Honestly speaking, foam cannons are not the most complicated piece of tool. They’re quite straightforward and it’s all about the foam it produces. But then again, if it was that simple you wouldn’t be reading this guide on foam cannon reviews.

There are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind to find out your perfect foam cannon. Here it goes –


One of the crucial considerations. A poor connector will make you suffer – it will let the water pressure escape, it’ll leak and break after a while. That’s why choosing a cannon with a good connector is crucial.

All the cannons suggested above have connectors made out of brass, which is the ideal material for connectors. They ensure a firm connection, lasts long, and avoids any sort of corrosion. DO NOT even think about the cannons with plastic connectors.

Also, care about the configuration of the connector. Does it support ¼” quick connect?

The Bottle

When it comes to the bottle, there are three things you need to look for – 

Build: You’ll be working with your cannon outside where it is expected to have long exposure to sunlight. And the bottle has to withstand great water pressure at the same time. Thus, they need to be sturdy.

You can judge by the thickness and feel of the plastic when it’s in your hand. But when it’s not, you have to rely on foam cannon reviews by the other users. Check out foam what other users are saying about the durability of the plastic of that model.

If you’re still not sure, I can assure you that the models I’ve mentioned above have well-built bottles that are built to last.

Capacity: You don’t want to stop and refill multiple times during a wash, that’d be annoying. That’s why pick a bottle with enough cleaning fluid holding capacity that’ll get you through a session easily.

All the models mentioned above have a holding capacity of 1 liter or more which will be more than enough.

Transparency: It’s better to see how much cleaning fluid is left rather than guessing. A transparent bottle will help with that.


You want your cannon to let you decide how the foam should look like. I mean, the thickness of the foam and the spraying pattern as well. Oftentimes you need to switch between the more thick foam and less thick foam.

For instance, more dirty places like your wheel wells may require more foam, whereas less foam will do in places the paintwork. Having the ability to decide the thickness of the foam for a certain area helps you use your soap more efficiently. There’s usually a simple knob that lets you decide the thickness by a simple twist.

Along with the dilution of the soap, the ability to adjust the spraying pattern helps too. In some places, a fan spray will do fine, like the body. Whereas in some areas you want a jet spray to clean that area better utilizing the water pressure. Make sure your cannon allows you to do that with an adjustable nozzle.

Versatility & Pressure Washer Requirement

The soap cannons we are talking about are primarily for a car wash. But their usage possibilities do not end there. These cannons can be used for other tasks as well, like cleaning the windows or driveways, etc. If you find a cannon that takes care of those tasks as well, that’s a great bonus for you.

And before you buy a soap cannon, make sure it’s minimum requirements match the specification of your pressure washer (psi & GPM). Otherwise, it won’t be able to perform to its full potential.

Types of Foam Cannon

Foam cannons basically have two simple types – adjustable and non-adjustable. 

The adjustable ones are those that let you decide the thickness of the foam and also the spray pattern. All the cannons mentioned above have this feature.

Whereas, non-adjustable ones do not let you control those things which I think is a drawback for those cannons.

And it’s certainly better to choose the adjustable foam cannons.

Foam Gun vs. Foam Cannon – Which is better?

Depends. When you have a pressure washer, a foam cannon is the better option. When you don’t have one, you have no other option but to get the job done with a foam gun.

Basically, foam guns and foam cannons are designed to be used for the same purpose. But a foam cannon requires a pressure washer to operate. Whereas, a foam gun works with a simple garden hose.

But foam guns do not produce as thick and sudsy foam like a foam cannon. It’s because foam cannons are backed by great water pressure from the pressure washer. But foam guns only get the standard water pressure from the hose.

So when you have a pressure washer, foam cannons are definitely the best choice. When you don’t have one, a foam gun will do the job, just not as well as a cannon. 

You’ll need more time to cover your vehicle with foam and that won’t be as thick and nice as a foam cannon would do.

How to use a foam cannon properly?

Foam cannons are pretty straightforward tools to use. This is how you clean your car with a foam cannon – 

Do a pre-wash or rinse

Doing a pre-water wash helps you get rid of any looser, heavier, and more abrasive grime, debris, and dirt. Otherwise, these little bits can scratch or whirl your cars paint during hand or cloth wash.

When you do a pre-wash, the ideal practice is to start from the top and work your way down. This will ensure you do not re-introduce dirt to a place that you’ve already cleaned.

Put Soap into your cannon

Now, put a few ounces of your favorite car wash soap into the cannon and fill the rest with water. Mix the solution well. Make sure you tighten the bottle properly otherwise there will be air leaks and it won’t work properly.

Connect the Cannon with Pressure Washer

After that, connect your cannon with your pressure washer wand or lance. Make sure the connections are firm otherwise it’ll leak.

Adjust your cannon and start spraying

Adjust the soap mixing knob to determine the dilution of the soap. When you want more foam and less water, twist the knob clockwise, and do the opposite for the other case.

Tip: When you’re foaming areas with more stubborn dirt, apply thick foam.

Also, adjust the spray pattern of the cannon. If you want more reach, keep the nozzle at a more vertical angle, but this reduces the spread area of the foam. When you want the foam to spread more, keep the nozzle at a more horizontal angle.

After you’ve done the adjustments, pull the trigger, and start foaming. Again, start from the top and work your way down. 

After you’re done with foaming, give it a moment to emulsify any dirt. Then you can rinse it off with your pressure washer. Again start watering from the top to work your way down.

When you’re done, dry your car off to remove all the water and apply your favorite wax to bring the shine on your car.

Maintaining your foam cannon

Though Foam Cannons are simple tools they still need some maintenance to function properly. Here’s what you need to do to maintain your foam cannon – 

  1. Detach the sprayer from the bottle. 
  2. Put some warm water into the bottle, and shake it a little bit to clean the inside and remove any leftover.
  3. Take any cleaner, even a glass cleaner. Spray some on the outside of the bottle and wipe with a towel.
  4. Spray some on the foam cannon sprayer too, and let it sit for a bit.
  5. Wipe that off with the towel, attach the sprayer to your bottle and you’re good for your next car wash.

Frequently Asked Questions

I often get asked these questions. Let’s settle this once and for all.

  • Does GPM really matter when using a foam cannon?

Yes, it matters. A foam cannon will perform to the fullest when its’ required pressure washer GPM is met. If it’s not fully met, it’ll still function but not to its’ fullest potential.

  • Will a foam cannon fit onto my garden hose?

No, it won’t be functional anymore.

  • How much pressure do you need for a foam cannon?

Depends on specific cannon. The required pressure will be mentioned. A pressure washer with 800-1000 psi will mostly help.

  • Can I use regular soap in a foam cannon?

Not recommended. Liquid car wash soaps have a specific dilution ratio for this task and they’re the better fit here. That’s why you should not put a bucket car washing type of soap in a cannon.

  • Do you put water in a foam cannon?

You do. There’ll be a mix of soap and water to create a cleaning solution.

  • Can you use a foam cannon without a pressure washer?


  • Can you put bleach in a foam cannon?

Not recommended and not necessary either.

  • How much psi do you need for a foam cannon?

Minimum 1000 psi for most cannons.

  • Are foam cannons universal?

Yes, they are.

  • What soap do you use in a foam cannon?

Any of your favorite liquid car wash soap. If you want to know which soap is the best for foam cannons, we have this article put together for you.

  • Can I use a different brand of car wash soap than the brand of foam cannon I purchased?

Absolutely. They do not relate.

  • My foam cannon only works when I hold it upside down. What’s wrong?

Maybe your pressure washer isn’t supplying enough pressure. Try with another washer to see if it’s the fault of the cannon or the pressure washer.

  • The foam cannon moves around a lot when connected to the pressure washer. What’s wrong?

Try keeping it disconnected after use.

Wrapping up – Best Foam Cannon Reviews

If you’re with me till now, I believe you’ll have no problem picking the perfect foam cannon for your needs. As I said, foam cannons are not the most complicated tool to pick between options so don’t stress out much.

For the, the best overall cannon would be the TriNova Foam Cannon. This model is highly functional, looks premium, has got innovative touches into it like wider neck and base, and it does not cost a hundred dollar also.

The other cannons are great too, but for me, this cannon stands at the sweet point of not too cheap, neither too expensive, just pure functionality and premiumness at a moderate price.

Oh and, no matter whatever cannon you purchase, remember to have fun with the foam.


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