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How to Get Chocolate Milk Out of Carpet: Tips and Tricks

How To Get Chocolate Milk Out Of Carpet?

The answer may be pretty straightforward, depending on what type of carpet you have and what has caused the spill in the first place. 

Children adore chocolate milk. When this rich, dark beverage is spilled on your carpet, it leaves a sticky stain that develops an awful odor the longer it sits. Because your carpet’s fibers are absorbent, the discoloration spreads quickly. 

The chocolate milk stain must first be dealt with before removing the chocolate color, stickiness, and smell from the milk.

What you will need

  • Paper towel
  • Cotton ball
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Spray bottle
  • Rotating brushes
  • Vacuum 

How To Get Chocolate Milk Out Of Carpet

How To Get Chocolate Milk Out Of Carpet

Here are the steps on getting chocolate milk out of the carpet:

Step 1 -if your carpet is made of wool, do not apply heat to dry it.

If you’ve spilled hot chocolate inside your home, get to work quickly before the spill dries onto the floor. An hour after a spill occurs, it’s too late for this step, and you should get started on the other efforts.

If your carpet is made of synthetic fibers or heavy nylon, you can get it damp by blotting up the spill with a paper towel. Dab at it gently — don’t scrub — to get any excess liquid off the carpet. Then get another paper towel to get it even drier.

Step 2: Determine if your carpet is colorfast. Not all stains are colorfast, but they won’t know for sure until you get started on the next step.

If you get a cotton ball or paper towel wet with water and rub it over the carpet, you’ll be able to tell if the rug is colorfast. If the water spots get lighter, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to be able to get the stain out of your carpet.

If your carpet is not colorfast, get another cotton ball or paper towel and rub with some ammonia on it. It should start turning a dark green or brown if the carpet is not colorfast.

Step 3: Blot up any remaining liquid. Note that get someone to help you because it can get messy.

Before starting this step:

  1. Get your paper towels or dishcloth ready to get into action once more.
  2. Scrape up as much of the chocolate milk as you can with a rubber spatula.
  3. Get some clean paper towels or rags and get elbow-deep into the mess to get up all the chocolate milk you can.

Step 4 – Apply detergent from a spray bottle. Make sure you get a lot of soap in there because it will be sticky.

Now, get a spray bottle and get some dishwashing liquid in it. Fill the rest of the way up with water, then get your finger ready on the trigger to get your carpet nice and soapy. It is also when you get someone to help you out if there’s chocolate milk on stairs or upholstery.

Step 5 – Rinse. Note that get out any remaining soap with water.

Now get another paper towel or rag and get it damp, then get it over the stain to rinse off all the soap. It will get rid of bubbles and suds and any leftover detergent on your carpet. Just keep repeating this step until you get all the soap out.

Then, you can get to work on blotting or scraping up any suds that get out.

Step 6: Blot up the water. Note: Get ready for this because it will get all over your carpet. So get a bucket and some towels prepared to get started.

Now you get to get rid of all of the excess moisture that’s left on your carpet. Just get to blotting and get rid of all the water from when you were rinsing the soap out.

You can get a person to help you get rid of excess water if there are chocolate milk stains on upholstery or stairs.

Step 7 – Vacuum. It’s also worth noting that if you’re vacuuming up liquids, such as paint thinner or water, make sure it’s a vacuum with no other fluids.

You get to get out any excess moisture with a vacuum. You can get someone to help you get all the water from stairs or upholstery if your carpet’s not in a common area.

Get rotating brush heads and rotating brushes going so they get into every fiber of your carpet. That way, you get every last bit of liquid out and get it dry in no time.

Step 8: If needed, get a professional cleaner. Note that if your carpet is made of wool, get them to clean it with a commercial grade vacuum or rent a machine from a rental center.

If your chocolate milk stain remnants haven’t been removed with steps 1-7, get a professional cleaner in to get rid of any last bits. Often, they can get out stains that you couldn’t get out on your own.

Just get in touch with a carpet cleaning service, and they’ll get your carpet looking good as new when they get there!

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Wrap Up – How To Get Chocolate Milk Out Of Carpet

It can be tough to get out when you get chocolate milk on your carpet. It may even look like the spot will never go away. But don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to get that nasty stain up and make sure it doesn’t come back any time soon. 

This blog post provided some great tips for getting rid of colors without having to pay a professional or replace your rug entirely. We hope this article has helped clarify how best to get chocolate milk out of the carpet before more damage is done!

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