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The Stanley SHP2150 Review – A Powerful Cleaning Tool

The Stanley SHP2150 Electric pressure washer is a great way to clean your home’s exterior.

You can also use it for washing cars, boats, and RVs.

The washer has a powerful engine that delivers 2,100 PSI of cleaning power.

The SHP2150 is easy to use and comes with a built-in storage area for the nozzles.

It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around the house or yard.

Do you like to clean your home but dread the thought of lugging around a gas-powered washer? If so, the Stanley SHP2150 Electric pressure washer is perfect for you. It is one of the most influential electric pressure washers.

This Stanley SHP2150 review will cover everything about this electric pressure washer and why it’s worth buying.

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Pros and Cons of Stanley SHP2150

Why We Like It

  • Incredibly portable and compact
  • Powerful cleaning force
  • Supports standard garden hose size
  • Maintenance kit provided

Why We Don’t Like It 

  • It does not have a pressure control system.

Our Verdict

The Stanley SHP2150 is a good pressure washer for small projects around the home and yard. It is quieter than some other models and is easy to use. However, it lacks features that would make it a great pressure washer, such as a higher PSI and more accessories.

What's in the box

Stanley SHP2150 box
  • Stanley SHP2150
  • 25 foot soft and flexible high-pressure hose
  • Professional-grade brass garden hose connectors
  • A Foam cannon 
  • Quick Connect Nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40)
  • Spray Gun Holster
  • O-Ring Replacement Kit
  • Garden Hose Adapter

Specs & Features: The Stanley SHP2150 Review


The Stanley SHP2150 is a power washer that produces 2150 PSI of force at 1.4 GPM and has a total cleaning capacity of 3010. This machine is a low to medium-duty power washer, which will meet the demands of typical users.


A 22mm brass hose thread adaptor is supplied to tighten the water entry. This handy little adaptor allows you to counter-twist the hose, avoiding the need to twist it around in circles. Because the spin adapter connects to a plastic inlet, you should prevent unthreading it.

The 0° tip on the SHP2150 can produce up to 1.4GPM (gallons per minute). 4 Nozzles are there: 0° Red, 15° Yellow, 25° Green, and 40° White. The quick-release tip makes it easy to change out.

Power Cord & Hose

A 35-foot-long power cord with an Auto-Reset GFCI module is included in the package, which should be enough to wash your car using the SHP2150 without requiring an extension cable.

The hose length is 25 feet, and the gun or wand length is 35 inches with a nozzle attachment fitted. Finally, for washing your automobile, there’s a foam dispenser bottle.


In terms of power, this is equivalent to a medium-duty pressure washer, as Stanley claims it’s suitable for washing cars and light-duty washing tasks around the home. An electric motor of 13 amps is available in the package.


The Stanley SHP2150 power washer is one of the quietest pressure washers we tested. The Stanley SHP2150 excelled in our Noise statistic, which makes up 15% of the overall score.

Our test pressure washer produced 73.3 dB of sound alongside this noise level while recording measurements. Our SPL meter recorded a 65.5 dB average twenty-five feet away. To make sense of this data, consider that the typical decibel level close to a vacuum cleaner is around 70 dB.

Stanley SHP2150 Noise

What Can You Clean With Stanley SHP2150

A Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer can clean dirt and debris on any hard, flat surface. This SHP21500 model is built to get into those challenging corners and tight spots that you might not be able to reach with a traditional bucket and sponge.

This machine also does not use gas, so there’s no need to mix or smell fumes as you go cleaning.

It can clean surfaces like 

  • Wood, 
  • Marble,
  • Stone, 
  • Glass,
  • Metal. 
  • Siding, 
  • Decks, 
  • Pools, 
  • Outdoor furniture, 
  • Cement,
  • Pavement, 
  • Cars & trucks, 
  • RVs, 
  • ATVs, etc. 

Nonetheless, due to its medium-duty nature, it can’t remove the most obstinate stains.

cleaning with Stanley SHP2150

Setting Up Stanley SHP2150

You can watch this video if you want to set up this unit by yourself:

Warranty and Customer Support

The Stanley SHP2150 comes with a 2-year limited warranty, including every motor and accessory replacement for the first year and manufacturer defects for the second. Any concerns should be addressed immediately by customer care.

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Over To You!

This pressure washer can answer if you need to perform everyday chores like general cleaning in your home, yard, and driveway. Tasks like regular cleaning are easy, and the soap cannon will help you save time washing your automobile.

This machine has everything you need for a quick cleaning job and is available at an excellent price.

We hope this Stanley SHP2150 review can assist you in learning more about it. Please leave them below in the comments area if you have any additional inquiries.

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