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What Kind Of Oil Does A Pressure Washer Use to Make Your Work Easier?

An electric or gas pressure washer is one of the necessary items to make your work easier. It has that excellent look in your garden. They are ready to use from the first day, but you will need to change the oil with time. 

What Kind Of Oil Does A Pressure Washer Use? Unfortunately, there are many different types on the market for you to choose from, so it can be a challenge picking out which type would be best for your needs. 

This article will discuss them and some alternatives that might also work well.

What kind of oil does a pressure washer use?

 You are probably wondering what kind of oil does a pressure washer use? Well, there are several available in the market as detailed in this guide.

All-Purpose Engine Oils

 If you intend to use your pressure washer in temperature conditions above 40°C, then the all-purpose is an excellent choice. However, in case the temperature goes below that, do not panic; use 10W-30 instead. 

 The instruction manual should always guide you in choosing the right oil according to heat the levels. Knowing the temperature of your area before using a particular oil is vital since a wrong one would lead to excessive consumption. This type is an excellent choice as it ensures that your washer starts well in all weather conditions. Below are a few engine oils that you can purchase.

Valvoline High Mileage with Max Life Technology SAE 5W-30 Synthetic oil

If you have an aging engine, the Valvoline high mileage engine oil is a good pick. It’s a synthetic blend oil containing seal conditioners that ensure that the washer gets restored. It works on stopping any leaks or inhibit probable damages.

It also has extra detergents to aid in removing sludge and deposits so that the pump runs smoothly. Additionally, the viscosity level is SAE 5W – 30, so you can use it on a variety of machines.

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Husqvarna 32-oz 4-cycle 5W-30 Snow Blower Engine oil 593153503

The Husqvarna 32-oz 4-cycle engine oil is synthetic, and high quality specifically made to keep your pressure washer in good condition. Its viscosity level is weighted at SAE 5W-30, making it a superior choice if you reside in areas prone to cold weather conditions.

 Consistent use of this oil ensures that your engine is continuously running efficiently as it reduces any instances of wear and scuffing. It reduces friction on startups and has proper compatible levels with mineral-based lubricants.

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Briggs and Stratton 30W engine oil 48 Oz

The Briggs and Stratton is a heavy-duty oil which comes in different size bottles. You can use it on a variety of engines and still get the maximum results. It is 100% synthetic SAE 5W-30 to accommodate most gas pressure washers. The bottle is mess-free to make it easy and fast to use. 

 It contains special anti-coagulants such that no matter how long it stays idle, you will still use it in the original state. You can also use it in all air cooled-4-cycle engines but do a thorough check on the label to see if it fits your washer.

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Non-detergent pump oils

Using non-detergent ones inhibits dirty fuels from interfering with the normal functioning of the machine. Whenever they are contaminants in the washer, these oils let them stick to the sidewalls, thereby preventing sludge build-up. They were mostly favored before oil filters became rampant. If you are looking for this kind of pump oil, here are a few.

Mag 1 60694-6PK Pressure Washer Pump Oil 

The Mag 1 60694-6PK is a multi-purpose pressure washer pump oil. It helps to protect against oxidation and rust as well as prevent the instance of sludge formation. Additionally, it resists aeration and foaming. The oil contains additives to keep your pressure washer in proper maintenance levels.

 It has a viscosity level of SAE 30w to help improve the performance and longevity of your machine. The oil will meet the demands of your appliance to balance durability, performance, and strength effectively. It comes in a firm bottle with an ergonomic design so that you can hold it comfortably.

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General Pump 758-115 

General Pump 758-115 is a non-detergent high-quality oil sold in two to six 16-ounce bottles. This number of bottles lets you keep track of what you have in stock and when you need additions. You get them in plastic containers, with a see-through slit on the side to help you know the amount left after every use. 

 It has a high viscosity, which measures around 100cSt at 40 degrees, which is around SAE 30. Its recommended for use on pumps that need less than 25 BHP. 

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Cat pumps Pressure Washer Pump Oil, 21 Oz

 The cat pump oil 21 Oz has gained prominence over the years as it is high quality and still affordable. It’s a CAT product that measures at ISO 68 grade of viscosity; therefore, its thicker than the majority SAE 10W30 oils. If your washer manual recommends for oil that is SAE 20W or ISO 68, the Cat pump is the ideal choice.

 It contains additives that prevent your washer from corrosion, wear, and oxidation. You get it in a plastic bottle that is graduated on one side to help use every drop without wastage. Whether your washer is from AR, Comet, Cat, or General, the oil will sort you out.

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Mi T M AW-4085-0016 Power Washer Pump Oil

 If you need a pump oil that will keep your machine running smoothly, the Mi T M AW-4085-0016 is the right choice. It’s made explicitly for washers thus can work on various models. The petroleum-based hydraulic oil has a viscosity of about SAE 15W20.

 It contains anti-wear additives to eliminate instances of corrosion and oxidation on your machine. It’s easy to use the 16-ounce bottle as you can see the amount used and has a pour spout. You can get it at an affordable price to keep your machine in excellent condition for a long time. 

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Simpson 7106737 Pressure Washer Pump oil

 The Simpson 7106737 oil is mostly used together with washers of the same brand, but if your washer’s manual has okayed it, no harm will occur. Its non-foaming, specially made to protect vital components by preventing corrosion and wear, thereby maximizing performance. It’s the ultimate choice if you change the oil after 50 hours of working and every 100hours.

 It’s ideal for any hot or cold pressure washer and has a viscosity rating of SAE15W40. You get it in a black plastic bottle, but it lacks a transparent slit to help you know the amount used or remaining. 

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How to Change the Oil 

 Performing an oil change is a simple process but also check on the washer’s manual to confirm you’re doing the right thing. First, get all the necessary tools to complete the task just in case it gets messy. 

 Start by removing any contaminants by purging the pump, turn on the water then remove the wand from the spray gun. Turn on the engine until you get a constant stream of water, which should be for about two minutes. 

 The pump is now ready, but don’t forget to get rid of the old oil by draining it from the engine. With your gloves on, remove the cap and have a drain pan ready to hold the expelled oil. It’s advisable to tilt the machine so that every drop gets eliminated.

 The pump is ready for the new oil but always confirms the correct oil type and amount to put. Fill the reservoir with the right amount of the oil, as less or excess amount can negatively affect the washer. Reinstall the cap once done and ensure that you wipe any messed-oil around the lid and dispose of the old oil.

Pump Oil Maintenance Tips

 For your pump to function efficiently, you need to monitor it continually. You can follow these tips to help you avoid unnecessary losses in repairs.

 Before starting the engine, ensure that the oil level is okay through the window or by using a dipstick. Check for any oil leaks along the fuel lines and under the pump, and in case of any, take it to a repair center.

 Do the oil change as per the instruction manual. Also, at the end of the winter period, oil refill is essential since it tends to thicken.

 Also, most washers have a maintenance checklist. Ensure you use it to check on all areas from water inlet screening, pressure hose, air filter, fuel, and oil level, whether monthly or yearly.

Wrap Up

 Regular application of the right oil on your washer guarantees the seamless performance of the inner workings. You can choose the above models according to the machine you are using, and you can be sure you’ll get top-notch results.

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