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Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews 2022: Pick Your Perfect Model

Karcher is the leading pressure washer brand in the world.

They offer a wide range of products to suit every need.

Karcher pressure washers are known for their quality and durability.

They are easy to use and maintain.

Karcher offers excellent customer service and support.

Their products are affordable without compromising on quality.

Karcher makes some of the best electric pressure washers, hands down.

You cannot shop for an electric pressure washer without considering a few great models of Karcher. And that’s their beauty: they have one great model for every purpose and every group of users. 

They have so many offerings in the market that it could get a little confusing to decide between their very own models.

This ‘Karcher pressure washer reviews‘ guide aimed to draw a clear picture of what Karcher offers to the market.

Let us see.

Kärcher 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer, Vario Power & Dirtblaster Wands, Pressurized Hose Reel, 1.4 GPM, Yellow/Black
Kärcher - K 2 Car & Home Kit - Electric Power Pressure Washer - 1600 PSI - With Vario & Dirtblaster Spray Wands – 1.25 GPM
Kärcher K1700 Max 1700 CETA-certified PSI Electric Pressure Washer with 3 Spray Nozzles - Great for cleaning Cars, Siding, Driveways, Fencing and more - 1.2 GPM
Karcher K 5 Premium
Karcher K 2 Car & Home Kit
Price not available
Kärcher 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer, Vario Power & Dirtblaster Wands, Pressurized Hose Reel, 1.4 GPM, Yellow/Black
Karcher K 5 Premium
Kärcher - K 2 Car & Home Kit - Electric Power Pressure Washer - 1600 PSI - With Vario & Dirtblaster Spray Wands – 1.25 GPM
Karcher K 2 Car & Home Kit
Price not available
Kärcher K1700 Max 1700 CETA-certified PSI Electric Pressure Washer with 3 Spray Nozzles - Great for cleaning Cars, Siding, Driveways, Fencing and more - 1.2 GPM

Why Karcher

Karcher Pressure Washer

You’ll find many decent brands while looking for a pressure washer, so why Karcher?

I guess Karcher could be called the “Apple” of the cleaning industry, and even better in one aspect, they listen to their customer. 

Karcher probably is the most reliable name when it comes to cleaning equipment, and we can see why –

Karcher has the most extended history

Karcher, the German company, has been around since 1950, and Alfred Karcher, the company’s founder, was the inventor or creator of the first water pressure washer ever. 

With more than 70 years of experience and being the pioneer in making the equipment, they know every ins and outs. 

More critical is that they’re such a big name and sell in huge numbers. So they can afford to spend a big chunk of their money on research and development, which has improved Karcher equipment.

To put in numbers, in 2015, Karcher had annual revenue of 2.3 Billion dollars with a B, most of which came from their pressure washer business that sold in over 60 countries.

The company can invest a lot in research and development. It helps them stay ahead of their competition in terms of innovation. So now you get it; why did I cite them as the “Apple” of the cleaning industry?

One for every purpose

Another convenient aspect of Karcher is that they have something for everyone and every purpose. For example, they offer 21 electric and 18 gas pressure washers (excluding professional-grade options) which is way more than 18 that Sun Joe, AR Blue Clean, and GreenWorks combined.

They have one for every purpose, from 1.25 GPM and 1500 PSI to 3.6 GPM and 4000 PSI.

A few other reasons that make me mostly recommend Karcher over other brands – 

● Ease and convenience of use of most of their models.

● Long-lasting pumps that reduce maintenance costs.

● Patented nozzle technology.

Karcher Pressure Washers - Buyers' Guide

Though the fact that Karcher offers a lot of models is a blessing, it could be a little overwhelming at times, especially when you’re trying to find your perfect companion among those options.

This buyer’s guide aims to introduce you to Karcher’s different product lines and their best-served purpose, so you can judge which model is perfect for your needs.

Karcher’s 4 Core Product Models

Karcher’s pressure washer lineup mainly consists of 4 models: K2, K3, K5, and K7. Each model has different versions: eco, car & home, premium, follow-me, etc.

These variations to the core product have the same pump, pressure, and GPM count, with minor tweaks and different accessories sets. But, again, it helps to meet more specific needs.

In 2016, Karcher pushed its top-of-the-line pressure washers to introduce another version named ‘Full Control.’ However, not all models have a ‘Full Control’ version yet.

Karcher K2 Plus – The Entry Level

Karcher’s entry-level pressure washers go under the K2 product line. They have a 1400-watt motor that produces 1600 PSI pressure and averages 1.25 gallons of water per minute.

The K2 is ideal for lightweight tasks, including washing down your garden furniture or bike with such numbers. Of course, you could push it to carry out tasks like cleaning your car, but that’ll demand extra time and effort from your side. 

Its variants include the regular K2, the compact, full-control, premium, and ergo. These variants have minor tweaks to serve more specific needs better and create a range of prices.

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Karcher K3 – Lower Midrangers

The lower midrange pressure washers from Karcher fall under the K3 lineup. It features an 1800-watt motor and produces 1900 PSI pressure with a 1.5 GPM flow rate. The added power makes it good enough for carrying out more demanding jobs like cleaning your car, driveways, etc.

The K3 not only packs more power than the K2 but is also the starting point of having premium features. 

For example, the models have water-cooled motors, suction capabilities, plugs, a clean detergent intake mechanism, etc.

However, the K3 lineup is not Karcher’s most loved middle ranger lineup. It’s overshadowed by the K5 series, known as the higher-midrange lineup that packs all the good features of the K3 lineup. And it punches above its weight to carry out a few heavier-duty jobs.

Karcher K5 – Higher Midrangers

Karcher K5 is the powerful midrange series of Karcher and offers a few models that are best suited for most people.

It features a 2100-watt motor and can spray 1.4 Gallons of water per minute at 2000 PSI, which will be enough for most jobs you need to carry out at your home.

The added features are carried out to these models from the K3 with a few more, like the Full Control Power Gun with LED Display. You can power wash Bikes, Cars & Vans, Larger Patios, Outdoor Furniture, Driveways, Garage Doors, Brickworks, and whatnot.

Most people prefer the K5 series as it can tackle all jobs at home, but it does not cost as much as a top-of-the-line K7 model. 

Karcher K7 – The Power to Clean Anything

Talking of top-of-the-line pressure washers, they go under the K7 series. This model is designed to carry out whatever home job you throw at it quickly. With a whopping 2800-watt motor, it throws out 2.4 GPM with 2400 PSI.

Such power also takes them close to a few powerful gas pressure washers. Even some small professional jobs are carried out with these pressure washers.

You can clean 4x4s and even Boats with this rig. So when you want the power to clean anything at home effortlessly and are not much concerned about the budget, this is the best Karcher pressure washer series for you.

Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews - Top Models to Consider in Each category

To make your shopping not overwhelming, we recommend the best Kärcher pressure washer under each category. These in-depth Karcher pressure washer reviews break down the product in detail and let you judge & decide.

Best Electric Pressure Washer for Most People

Karcher K5 Premium

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The K5 premium makes it easy for me to recommend one of the best Karcher electric pressure washers to most people. Thanks to its balance of power, price, longevity, ease of use, and effectiveness. It’s one of the top systems that Karcher has ever made,

It’s one of those electric pressure washers (which is still affordable) that allows you the freedom to think of getting any cleaning job done around the house. It simply punches above its weight to get done with heavy-duty jobs without much extra effort.

The freedom to adjust the pressure doesn’t let you get worried about introducing this lousy boy to delicate surfaces.

The natural beauty of this rig has to be its simplicity of design and ease of use. Someone who’s an amateur at using pressure washers won’t face the most challenging times with it.

The lance offers three different settings that you can conveniently toggle with just the twist of the handle – easy. In addition, the handle itself provides excellent control over water flow and pressure.

The K5 promises to serve you for a long, and that shows. Take the water-cooled motor, for example, which does not let the motor get too hot in long sessions. And more importantly, it can significantly improve its lifespan.


● Adjustable all the way to suit different jobs.

● Operation is a piece of cake.

● A sturdy piece of equipment that can complete a variety of tasks.

● It comes with an onboard detergent tank

● Ensures excellent value for money

● For simple storage, there’s an integrated hose reel


● Setting up is tricky.

Read more: Karcher K5 Premium

For Car & Home

Karcher K2 Car & Home Kit Electric Power Pressure Washer

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As I said, Karcher has a solution for everything. However, when you most need to clean your car and thus do not want to invest in a great all-around model that could cost double, the K2’s Car & Home kit variant is your best bet.

How can you recommend this 1600 PSI 1.25 flow rate pressure washer as a great car cleaning kit while there are other great models like the K5?

The point is the price-to-performance ratio it offers and better serves specific needs. For example, Karcher K5 is one of my favorite electric pressure washers, and it’s fantastic for many jobs, including washing cars. But how much does it cost?

Double the K2 Car & Home Kit while writing this piece.

That makes the K2 stand out for people shopping for a washer to clean their cars. Since it’s a specialized car cleaning kit, it offers a five-piece car & home kit in the package, unlike any other model.

The power it outputs is sufficient to get your car cleaned, but not the fastest that a more powerful pressure washer would get done within. However, this rig will quickly carry out light to medium-duty home cleaning tasks.


● Great choice within budget for cleaning automobiles.

● It can carry out medium-duty house chores.

● Lightweight and portable.

● 5-piece home and car kit included.


● It could seem a tad underpowered on a few occasions.

Best Gas Pressure Washer from Karcher

Karcher G2700R 2700 PSI

Gas pressure washers have one key advantage that not even the best electric model could beat: the room to deliver a lot of power & pressure. This is because gas pressure washers are blessed with gas-powered engines naturally designed to produce much power.

That proves one clear point: go gas if you need heavy-duty jobs done. Even an entry- or medium-level gas pressure washer can produce more power than the best electric washers, pre-determined by their power source.

From Karcher, the best offering in gas is the G2700R. It arrives pretty much in a ready-to-go state and makes your life easier.

The heavy unit is carried around by two sturdy 12-inch wheels. The weight is well-justified by its sturdy frame. 

The 196 cc Karcher KPS engine produces a ton of power, 2700 PSI to be exact, which removes the oldest grime and most stubborn stain. So get this machine for the most challenging job around the house, and you won’t be disappointed.

A common issue with a gas pressure washer is start-up hiccups, which are relatively uncommon for this unit. However, it starts well every time, thanks to the anti-choke technology of Karcher.


● Anti-choke engine for a consistent start.

● A powerful rig that gets any cleaning job done

● Simple setup.

● Build to last for years to come.


● Large and heavy unit.

● Operating cost is a concern.

Best in Budget 

Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Pressure Washer

The K3 serves you with the most manageable portability that probably a pressure washer ever would, being the only renowned unit having four wheels. On top of that, it weighs only 15 pounds, and you still wonder why it’s named “follow-me”?

This pressure washer is designed to follow you as a trusted cleaning buddy.

The power it delivers is sufficient for light to medium-duty jobs. It throws out 1.3 Gallons of water per minute at 1800 PSI, so don’t go by the small footprint. It packs enough punch to suit a range of cleaning tasks around the home.

Don’t expect to clean patios or driveways with ease. That task will require supporting attachments and some effort. All other cleaning tasks, including cleaning your car? This cute boy got you covered.

The two different wands extensively utilize the power it packs (included). For example, the Vario Power Spray wand lets you easily switch between low to high pressure and everything in between. In addition, it’ll automatically dispense soap when you keep it in low-pressure mode.

And when you need aggressive cleaning, you deploy the DirtBlaster Spray Wand designed to help you get rid of the most stubborn stains. It’s your perfect weapon to deal with concrete, stone, bricks, and other hard surfaces.

Do not get tempted to use that on delicate surfaces as well. Otherwise, you might end up hurting the surface.


● Highly maneuverable.

● Powerful enough for medium-duty jobs.

● Different wand for serving other purposes.

● Budget-friendly


● Got build-quality issues here and there

Best Karcher Pressure washer for Cleaning Car

When your prime job is cleaning your car, you want to look closely at PSI and GPM count. From a general sense, it might seem that the higher the pressure, the better it cleans.

While that is true, such pressure might damage your car’s body, and paintwork also comes into play. So when you don’t want to struggle to get rid of stubborn stains and keep your car’s paintwork intact at the same time, you want to get something around the 2000 PSI mark.

You can already guess which models are for cleaning your car then, can’t you?

While the K3 and K5 series will do the job well, I recommend the K5 over the K3 for its added freedom of carrying out other heavy-duty jobs around the house.

When digging out more powerful models like the K7 since you’ve got other heavier jobs to carry out? No problem, just set the pressure at the 2000 PSI mark from the pressure adjuster that all Karcher washers offer, and it works like the K5.

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Best Karcher Pressure washer for Patio & Driveway

Getting rid of stubborn moss, dirt, and stains and having a clean and shining driveway or patio is a power-demanding job, no doubt. You may not have wasted your driveway for years, and the stains seem permanent.

It’ll require power to go through them. Thus, I recommend the K7, if not the K5 series, to get the best result in cleaning your driveway and patio.

They’re both powerful series of pressure washers. However, they alone might not bring the desired result. You’ll need attachments like the surface cleaner to get the best possible outcome and reduce the effort required.

They’re cheap attachments, mostly costing below 20 bucks. Yet, they remove a lot of burden from your pressure washer. They also lengthen the lifespan of your rig.

How to Increase the Cleaning Capacity and Performance of Your Karcher

A pressure Washer alone won’t cut it all the time. However, when you attach an appropriate attachment to it, you increase its effectiveness for a given job by a significant margin and also help reduce the burden on the washer.

Here are a few excellent yet cheap attachments that’ll increase the cleaning capacity and performance of your Karcher Pressure Washer:

Rotating Wash Brush

Perfect attachment for cleaning smooth surfaces gently, including car, house siding, and windows. Scrubs and loosens dirt and grime while pressurized water pushes them away.

Extension Wand

It helps you reach further distances than you. Otherwise would have to get with ladders if we’re talking about vertical space, like cleaning your second-story windows. That’s a risky job, and the extension wand reduces risk.

Power Scrubber

Power scrubber scrubs powerfully and is ideal for getting stubborn stains off your front stairs and other edges. 

Surface Cleaner

For cleaning large flat spaces like driveways, decks, and so on, it’s your ideal companion. Dual spinning nozzles capture more area at once, and you need fewer passes to get the job done.

Vario Nozzle

Let’s change the degree of the spray by just turning and twisting. Go from blasting your kitchen exhaust hood to cleaning windows without effort and in the blink of an eye.

How Do Karcher Pressure Washers Compare to Other Popular Brands

Karcher, without any argument, is the most prominent electric pressure washer manufacturer. But what makes them stand out? What are the critical differences in value proposition compared to its competitors?

Karcher vs. Sun Joe

Sun Joe’s fundamental value proposition is ‘Value for Money. Their numbers always look great. You’ll get a pressure washer with higher PSI and GPM count for the money than you would get from Karcher’s.

But in the long run, Karcher stays, and Sun Joe doesn’t. Karcher’s reliability is unmatchable by current Sun Joe’s product offerings. Moreover, with an initial more enormous investment by buying a Karcher’s, you ensure cheap maintenance, so it more than evens out.

It’s like Apple vs. Xiaomi. Xiaomi’s numbers and performance at the beginning are pretty impressive. Still, after a couple of years, you’ve got to replace them while you can keep using Apple’s devices for double that without hiccups.

Sun Joe, by any means, isn’t the wrong manufacturer. But instead, their value proposition is different. 

Karcher vs. Ryobi

Ryobi is a solid brand of pressure washers under the giant company named Techtronic Industries. Unfortunately, their offerings to the market are great but limited.

Ryobi offers only a few good models, while Karcher has various options for all different purposes. 

Ryobi’s failure to offer a range of specific groups doesn’t let them be as a widely accepted brand as Karcher’s to most people. 

Karcher vs AR Blue Clean

AR, Annovi Reverberi is one of those few pressure washer manufacturers that I think goes hand in hand with Karcher’s. So it’ll be challenging to separate them as both maintain the quality of their products.

While one offers a slight advantage in one aspect, the other catch up by providing superiority in another, you can’t go wrong with either of the brands.

Karcher vs. Greenworks

Greenworks is pretty much on the same page with Sun Joe. Their core value proposition is to offer impressive numbers & performance in the short term. But, at the same time, it’ll take money and effort for their maintenance for a long time.

If you keep Karcher above Sun Joe, you’ll keep it compared to Greenworks.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best electric pressure washer money can buy, Karcher is the brand to consider. With models perfect for everyone and every need, this company has set the bar high in quality and performance.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner who needs equipment for light-duty or heavy-duty cleaning tasks, you can rely on Karcher Pressure Washers.

Thanks for reading our guide on Karcher pressure washer reviews!


Q: Which Karcher pressure washer is best?

A: The Karcher K5 pressure washer is the best for most people.

Q: What is the best pressure washer to buy for home use?

A: The K3 follow-me is a great budget option for home use. The K2 home and car kit is an even cheaper alternative. 

Q: What PSI should a good pressure washer have?

A: Having at least 1400 PSI is recommended, while more is better.

Q: Which Karcher pressure washers have water-cooled motors?

A: All except the K2 series.

Q: Can I use hot water with a Karcher pressure washer?

A: Many support that, but a few don’t. Again, refer to the user manual of your particular model.

Q: Which is the GPM on Karcher electric power washers?

A: The range is between 1.25 GPM on the K2 to 2.4 GPM on the K7.

Q: Which is a better Karcher or Bosch pressure washer?

A: In the general sense, Karcher.

Q: Which is better: Karcher k4 or k5?

A: The K5 offers much more than the K4, so that’s the better choice here.

Q: What’s the difference between a k2 and a k4 pressure washer?

A: The K2 is the entry-level lineup of Karcher pressure washers, while the K4 is the lower midrange offering.

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