The Karcher K5 Premium Review: The Quietest Running Electric Pressure Washer

Karcher has been in the business of making pressure washers since 1950. Karcher is a German company best known for its gas-powered pressure washers. Still, they have also released an entire line of electric power washers to cater to sensitive ears.

Karcher prides itself on creating quality products designed with consideration for the environment and human beings. This Karcher K5 Premium Review will highlight why Karcher is one of the top electric pressure washer design brands.

The Karcher K5 Premium is the quietest running electric pressure washer on our list. When you hear quiet and pressure washer in the same sentence, you may assume it means less power. But this isn’t always the case if the design is right. And in this case, it is.

What We Like

  • Quiet engine
  • It is multi-purpose, and you can use it to clean various surfaces.
  • Powerful and effective
  • The digital display and controls on the handle allow for simple pressure adjustment.
  • It cleans a wide surface effectively.
  • Thanks to the sturdy wheels and telescopic handles, it’s simple to move around.
  • Value for money


  • It’s a little challenging to assemble.
  • Bulky and heavy machine

Key Specifications 

Technical data

  • PSI: 2000
  • GPM: 1.4
  • Water Feed Temperature Max. (°F): 104
  • Item Weight: 32 lbs


  • 25-foot hose with integrated hose reel
  • 35-foot power cord
  • Vario power spray wand
  • Dirtblaster spray wand
  • Integrated water filter
  • Water-cooled induction motor
  • Onboard detergent tank with adjustable flow dial

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 34.33 inches
  • Length: 16.77 inches
  • Width: 13.07 inches

What’s in the box?

  • Kärcher K5 pressure washer
  • High-pressure gun
  • Vario Power Spray Wand
  • 25 ft high-pressure hose

Features and Benefits

1. Water Cooled Induction Motor

Water has circulated the motor, lowering its operating temperature. By up to 5x, it improves performance and extends motor life. In addition, the K5 Premium is a quieter version of the K5 and is certified by CSA for safety. It’s ideal for demanding residential use due to its reduced noise levels.

2. Onboard detergent tank

This Hoover is equipped with an onboard detachable detergent tank for simple detergent application. In addition, you may regulate how much detergent is used using the adjustable Detergent Flow Dial, eliminating waste during light-duty cleaning.

3. Pressurized Hose Reel

The K5 Premium comes with a built-in pressurized hose reel to protect and store the 25-foot high-pressure hose. This feature makes winding and unwinding the hose even simpler, preventing hose kinks. In addition, the stability foot of the K5 Premium helps to produce an extremely stable machine.

4.Dirtbluster spray wand

For the most obstinate stains, attach the DirtBlaster Wand for enhanced pressure. Next, attach the Vario Power Spray wand to clean less aggressively. On low pressure, detergent is immediately dispensed.

5. N-COR pump

It is incredibly durable, non-corrosive, and long-lasting.

Expert Verdict

The K5 Premium Full Control Plus Home pressure washer comes with all sorts of attachments, making it an impressive kit. We especially loved the variable pressure controls on our handle and how easy they were to use!

The washer is an excellent investment for those who plan on using their patio often. It’s bulky and expensive, but the quality of your cleanup will be worth it!

Performance & Design

The Kärcher K-Series Electric Pressure Washers do not compromise on performance and design – they are built to last with no belts or pumps. As a result, the motors have a long life, delivering optimum cleaning results for years of reliable use. And as the pump is oil-free, it will never need replacing! 

A large opening at the top of the detergent tank allows you to pour in pressure washer-specific cleaners. If diluted correctly, you can also use these high-quality products for other cleaning tasks around the home and garden.

These machines are designed with homeowners in mind. Their ergonomic handles reduce fatigue to compact dimensions that allow them to be easily stored at the end of each job. They are also easy to transport thanks to integrated handles and wheels, making them ideal for professionals!

Karcher K-Series Electric Pressure Washers deliver powerful performance in an innovative design that’s built to last with no belts or pumps. Their motors have a long life, showing optimum cleaning results for years of reliable use. 

The pumps are oil-free and never need replacing. In addition, large openings at the top of detergent tanks allow you to pour in pressure washer-specific cleaners with no dilution required.


The K5 is a good choice if you’re looking for a cheap gas washer with proper cleaning. While it may not be as powerful as more costly Karcher models, the K5 cleans adequately. It competes favorably with the most inexpensive gas washers any day.

If you buy the Karcher K5 Premium directly from Karcher, you’ll pay $369. However, you may get it for as little as $295 on Amazon.


  • House siding and fences
  • Lawn care equipment and heavy tools
  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • Medium and large cars, trucks and SUV’s
  • Motorcycle,bicycles, and ATV,s
  • Stone walls and brick
  • Steps, driveway, and walkways
  • Compact vehicles

Kärcher K5 Premium Setup

Follow these basic instructions to get started:

  1. Place the desired spray wand in the trigger gun.
  2. Connect the machine’s water inlet to the water inlet connector.
  3. To prevent a leak, attach your garden hose to the end of the connector and screw it in. Insert the water intake connector.
  4. Connect the garden hose to your water supply. Turn the water on full force.
  5. Connect the GFCI plug to a socket. Karcher recommends testing the GFCI once you’ve started up the pressure washer. Don’t use the machine if the test fails.
  6. Remove the trigger gun’s safety lock. Squeeze the trigger to release trapped air until a constant water flow comes from the nozzle.
  7. Turn the pressure washer’s power switch to “ON” (I). The spray gun must be pressed once the trigger on the motor has been pulled. When the trigger is released, it shuts off.

Cleaning Tips

  • Before cleaning any surface, a test patch should be removed and the distance and spray pattern assessed for optimum cleaning results.
  • Use extreme caution if the pressure washer is used on painted surfaces flaking or chipping. The pressure washer may remove the loose paint.
  • When using a pressure washer on surfaces that may contact food, clean them with plenty of drinking water.

Should you buy Karcher K5 Premium electric pressure washer?

If you’re seeking a tiny yet effective pressure washer at a reasonable price, this is the one to buy. The Karcher K5 Premium has a long history of delivering excellent results on light-to-medium home cleaning and challenging outdoor tasks like paving stones and decking.

We appreciate that it’s a single item that doesn’t necessitate the addition of additional items.

The Karcher K-Series Electric Pressure Washers are the most efficient, highest-performing electric pressure washers in their class. They have an innovative design and unique features for tough cleaning jobs, including powerful motors with cold water compatibility. 

They also have integrated detergent tanks with large openings to pour the cleaner into pressure washer-specific detergents.


What is the difference between the Karcher K5 and K5 premium?

The K5 is only available in Compact Home and Premium Full Control Plus Home versions. The K5 Premium Full Control Plus Home’s hose is 8 meters long, more than double the length of the K2 basic models’ 4m hose. 

Unfortunately, with the K5 Premium Full Control Plus Home weighing 13.6 kg when on wheels, weight rises.

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